Sunday, February 10th, 2013, 7:00pm (1900) PT

Original Agenda

  1. SCaLE11x planning and announcements

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   1 [03:00] <pleia2> #startmeeting
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   4 [03:00] <pleia2> who all is here for the meeting?
   5 [03:00]  * philipballew jumps up and down in hopes of letting people know he is here for the meeting.
   6 [03:00] <eps> ¡Yo!
   7 [03:00] <pleia2> philipballew: effective!
   8 [03:01] <grantbow> o/
   9 [03:01] <philipballew> alright. Here we are. \
  10 [03:01] <philipballew> time to get down to business
  11 [03:02] <eps> philipballew: did you get my e-mail?
  12 [03:02] <pleia2> #agenda https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13February10
  13 [03:02] <darthrobot> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13February10 - Ubuntu Wiki]
  14 [03:02] <grantbow> I didn't see a personal email on the agenda :-)
  15 [03:02] <pleia2> #topic SCaLE11x planning and announcements
  16 [03:02] <pleia2> philipballew: I added this for you (you're welcome!)
  17 [03:02] <grantbow> lol
  18 [03:02] <pleia2> philipballew: have any words for the team regarding scale stuff? :)
  19 [03:02] <eps> grantbow: I e-mailed Philip to confirm that I'll be attending SCALE.
  20 [03:02] <pleia2> eps: yay!
  21 [03:03] <philipballew> yes, and was going to reply tomorrow. Though I think your travel plans are cool.
  22 [03:03] <philipballew> pleia2, YEAH
  23 [03:03] <philipballew> So I got most scale stuff
  24 [03:03] <philipballew> I got the books to hand out
  25 [03:03] <philipballew> and some cd's from Canonical
  26 [03:03] <pleia2> w00t
  27 [03:04] <grantbow> excellent
  28 [03:04] <philipballew> pleia2, should I get a conference pack with stickers and buttons still?
  29 [03:04] <philipballew> I have net seen that yet
  30 [03:04] <pleia2> philipballew: hm, let's see...
  31 [03:06] <pleia2> philipballew: hrm, do you know what tracking number is on the one you received?
  32 [03:06] <philipballew> yeah, let me throw it here in the channel
  33 [03:06] <pleia2> (I can't find the one michelle gave us in the tnt system, might be because it's int'l though)
  34 [03:06] <ErickLee> for someone complete new to Linux would i be better off with just the expo ticket
  35 [03:06] <philipballew> 4579511263
  36 [03:06] <pleia2> 4579511263
  37 [03:07] <philipballew> pleia2, I looked that up but found I had to use dhl worldwide
  38 [03:07] <grantbow> bingo
  39 [03:07] <pleia2> ok, I'll follow-up to ask about the pack
  40 [03:07] <philipballew> http://www.dhl-usa.com/content/us/en/express/tracking.shtml?brand=DHL&AWB=4579511263%0D%0A
  41 [03:07] <darthrobot> [403] Title: [Access Denied]
  42 [03:08] <pleia2> :)
  43 [03:09] <pleia2> ok, other scale stuff?
  44 [03:09] <eps> Some things need to be edited on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x ...
  45 [03:09] <darthrobot> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x - Ubuntu Wiki]
  46 [03:09] <philipballew> So I am going to be heading up to SCALE on Thursday night whenever Mickey Lyle gets off work and comes and picks me and the 200 pounds of stuff up and we should get up there in the evening.
  47 [03:09] <pleia2> hehe
  48 [03:09] <philipballew> I will probably want to set up the booth somewhat Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.
  49 [03:09] <philipballew> Whatever works for the people there who can help
  50 [03:09] <eps> I can help.
  51 [03:10] <philipballew> Perfect. We will need some help taking the stuff from my hotel room to the expo floor.
  52 [03:10] <philipballew> maybe one of those hotel carts or something
  53 [03:11] <philipballew> I am going to email a confirmation email to System76 who is lending us a computer to use and make sure all is good on that end.
  54 [03:12] <philipballew> a girl from their group named Emma (probably spelled that wrong) might tag along with us for some loco stuff. So more people is always good.
  55 [03:12] <pleia2> s/girl/woman ;)
  56 [03:12] <cje__> Is anyone going to be driving down to SCALE from San Francisco?
  57 [03:13] <cje__> I have not yet purchased my plane tickets.
  58 [03:13] <eps> ^ That's a good question! Especially if they can transport stuff. TSA won't let me take scissors or hand sanitizer onboard.
  59 [03:13] <pleia2> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x/rideshare
  60 [03:13] <darthrobot> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x/rideshare - Ubuntu Wiki]
  61 [03:14] <philipballew> pleia2, My bad.
  62 [03:14] <pleia2> looks like no one from SF has added themselves to the rideshare page though
  63 [03:14] <pleia2> philipballew: it's ok, her daughter is a girl though!
  64 [03:14] <philipballew> pleia2, I see. Never met either of them before.
  65 [03:14] <eps> "Good" airfares currently have a ten-day advance purchase requirement. They're gouging on Sunday returns, though.
  66 [03:15] <philipballew> eps, cant people just check their luggage?
  67 [03:15] <pleia2> eps: can you work with philipballew to get the wiki updated in spots where you notice it needs updates?
  68 [03:15] <eps> philipballew: depending on airline, there may be fees associated with that
  69 [03:15] <eps> pleia2: Yes, right now.
  70 [03:15] <eps> First of all, we have a booth number.
  71 [03:15] <philipballew> ah, I always fly southwest and there is not. Not sure about others
  72 [03:16] <pleia2> eps: can it wait until after the meeting? :\
  73 [03:16] <eps> pleia2: Yes, but I think it's relevant now.
  74 [03:16] <pleia2> ok
  75 [03:16] <pleia2> philipballew: most carriers charge for checked bags these days
  76 [03:17] <eps> Unlike last year, where we were in the last row "in the dark," we're going to be in the first row -- a prime location.
  77 [03:17] <pleia2> philipballew: eps can't log into the wiki (technical issues), can you make the updates?
  78 [03:17] <eps> This means we can expect significantly more foot traffic.
  79 [03:17] <pleia2> cool
  80 [03:17] <eps> So, we'll need more goodies to hand out, and possibly more people staffing the booth.
  81 [03:18] <philipballew> pleia2, eps yeah, just tell me what to add, scissors right?
  82 [03:18] <pleia2> philipballew: and booth number
  83 [03:18] <philipballew> eps, we have plenty of goodies
  84 [03:18] <eps> Booth 66
  85 [03:18] <eps> Second, the LoCo link is wrong -- it points to the page for last year.
  86 [03:19] <eps> If there's no event listing for SCALE 11x, that needs to be created.
  87 [03:19] <philipballew> might need to be
  88 [03:20] <eps> Ideally, people will register for the event on that page, so we'll need something on the mailing list once that's possible.
  89 [03:20] <philipballew> a lot of things are ideal
  90 [03:21] <eps> This is our last meeting before SCALE. The next meeting is the evening after SCALE wraps, when a bunch of us may be in transit.
  91 [03:21]  * philipballew will be in transit
  92 [03:22] <eps> 12.04.2 LTS is due in four days. Can someone burn CDs for distribution in our booth?
  93 [03:22] <philipballew> I do not have any cd's, but I dont see why someone cant burn a few.
  94 [03:23] <grantbow> eps: volunteering?
  95 [03:23] <philipballew> I have some 12.04 cd's Im am gonna bring as well to hand out
  96 [03:24] <eps> 12.04.2 LTS will have the most recent packages on it, and there have been compatibility enhancements to make it usable on recent hardware.
  97 [03:25] <eps> You might want to burn DVDs for 64-bit.
  98 [03:25] <philipballew> so if someone wants to do it they can. Email the list and ask for cd's maybe or something?
  99 [03:25] <philipballew> I dont own and cd's or dvs's
 100 [03:25] <pleia2> we need DVDs for 12.10
 101 [03:26] <eps> Everyone: if you are going to be staying at the Hilton, and haven't done so already, sign up at http://hhonors.com/Double
 102 [03:26] <grantbow> unless we use the unofficial CD images for 12.10
 103 [03:26] <darthrobot> [R: www.hiltonhhonors.com] Title: [Hilton HHonorsâ„¢ - Double Your HHonors]
 104 [03:27] <eps> Where are we on CD/DVD sleeves?
 105 [03:28] <pleia2> doesn't look like anyone has signed up to print them
 106 [03:28] <philipballew> eps, We dont need any if we have official cd's.
 107 [03:28] <eps> How many burned discs are we likely to distribute?
 108 [03:29] <philipballew> If we run out just had them the cd. They wont get scratched in that day.
 109 [03:29] <grantbow> depends which we you are talking about?
 110 [03:30] <eps> Burned implies "needs sleeves." Official discs are already in retail packaging.
 111 [03:30] <eps> Give me an estimate. 100? 500? 1000?
 112 [03:31] <pleia2> we typically give out 300-400 CDs total at scale
 113 [03:32] <pleia2> actually, I think it was on the low side last year, like 250
 114 [03:32] <eps> The wiki page says 435 official discs.
 115 [03:32] <pleia2> (but we rationed some, and were stuck in the back)
 116 [03:34] <eps> There's a contingency plan. I took the liberty of ordering several hundred orange sleeves from Meritline. http://www.meritline.com/paper-sleeve-with-window-orange---p-20460.aspx
 117 [03:34] <darthrobot> Title: [CD /DVD Orange Paper Sleeves with Clear Window and Flap, made with 100g Paper for CD /DVD Media Disc. Storage]
 118 [03:34] <eps> Now, how many do you need?
 119 [03:34] <pleia2> if we got 435 official ones it looks like we don't need any :)
 120 [03:35] <philipballew> I am not sure we got that many
 121 [03:35] <pleia2> philipballew: time to count them!
 122 [03:35]  * philipballew gets off his bed!
 123 [03:35] <pleia2> haha
 124 [03:35] <pleia2> where did that 435 number come frmo?
 125 [03:35] <pleia2> from
 126 [03:36] <eps> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x under Official CDs
 127 [03:36] <darthrobot> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale11x - Ubuntu Wiki]
 128 [03:36] <pleia2> oh, I was text match searching for 435, fail :)
 129 [03:36] <eps> "400 Ubuntu,35 Server"
 130 [03:36]  * pleia2 nods
 131 [03:37] <pleia2> eps: maybe bring 50 or so along?
 132 [03:37] <philipballew> 150 desktop and like 40 server
 133 [03:37] <pleia2> (what am I saying, I'm not doing the booth, don't listen to me :))
 134 [03:38] <eps> 50 <= 100, so you get a sealed package of 100.
 135 [03:38] <philipballew> I think we might be able to email here back and ask if we can have more or if we are getting more.
 136 [03:39] <pleia2> I doubt it
 137 [03:39] <pleia2> I asked for 300 in my initial email, if they only sent 150 I think it's unlikely
 138 [03:40] <philipballew> Im not worried
 139 [03:40] <eps> I'm only offering sleeves, not discs.
 140 [03:41] <philipballew> And I have about 40 extra sever desks I took from the landscape people at lisa at the end of that thing
 141 [03:41] <pleia2> hehe
 142 [03:42] <pleia2> philipballew: so you should make some decisions here, do you need people to bring blank DVDs and CDs? burned ones? do you need sleeves from eps?
 143 [03:43] <philipballew> eps, If you want to bring some cd's then yes, we can use them. And for blank DVD's yes, if some people want to bring them, then I am happy for them to being if they can
 144 [03:43] <philipballew> I do not own any of these items myself though.
 145 [03:44] <pleia2> he said CD *sleeves* not CDs
 146 [03:44] <philipballew> I can email the list pleia2 asking for dvd's?
 147 [03:44] <pleia2> philipballew: of course :)
 148 [03:44] <philipballew> alright. I will do this tonight
 149 [03:45] <eps> Calendar: Wednesday the 13th is the next S.F. Ubuntu Hour. I will hand things to pleia2 then.
 150 [03:45] <pleia2> goodie :)
 151 [03:45] <grantbow> nice
 152 [03:45] <pleia2> I'm checking a bag, so it should be fine
 153 [03:45] <eps> Thursday the 14th is the release date for 12.04.2 LTS images. We can't start burning those until then.
 154 [03:46] <grantbow> who is "we"?
 155 [03:46] <eps> At the last meeting, pleia2 asked about candy dishes. Yes, I think you should bring the ones we used last year. I'm also working on something that you'll find about on Wednesday.
 156 [03:46] <philipballew> eps, grantbow raises a good point because nobody has said they will burn anything currently
 157 [03:47] <pleia2> eps: ok cool, added dishes to my "to bring" list :)
 158 [03:47] <philipballew> pleia2, I need to see if we have room for the candy dish, but we probably might have some room.
 159 [03:47] <eps> We haven't discussed what's going to go in them.
 160 [03:47] <philipballew> Need to see how big the computer is.
 161 [03:48] <eps> Someone was rather insistent that red, orange, and yellow are old school, and we're supposed to be ditching the red and yellow.
 162 [03:48] <pleia2> philipballew: if there is only one computer this year, that will help a lot space-wise :)
 163 [03:48] <pleia2> eps: I liked the old school!
 164 [03:48] <philipballew> pleia2, yes, that what I thought. I figured we might as well keep the booth simple so its easier for us.
 165 [03:48] <eps> pleia2: Weren't you one of the people telling me to get onboard with the new regime?
 166 [03:48] <pleia2> http://www.flickr.com/photos/ubuntu-us-ca/6774054957/in/photostream
 167 [03:48] <darthrobot> Title: [IMG_3633 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!]
 168 [03:49] <pleia2> ^^ last year, with candy dish and 3 laptops
 169 [03:49] <eps> We do M&Ms again and/or something different.
 170 [03:49] <pleia2> eps: not I :)
 171 [03:49] <pleia2> I still wear the shirts with the old colors all the time
 172 [03:50] <pleia2> people at the booth pointed out that they were the old colors though *shrug*
 173 [03:50] <pleia2> anything else to discuss?
 174 [03:51] <pleia2> philipballew: Ubucon hasn't been mentioned at all on the mailing list, is richard going to send something?
 175 [03:51] <philipballew> pleia2, I can get him to advertise it.
 176 [03:51] <pleia2> might be worth an announcement to at least tell people in the team it's happening :)
 177 [03:51] <pleia2> that would be great, thanks!
 178 [03:52] <grantbow> after the meeting whoever is around is invited to talk about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Representative-Letters
 179 [03:52] <eps> I guess we should know who's going to have a car at SCALE in case we need to do a supply run?
 180 [03:52] <darthrobot> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Representative-Letters - Ubuntu Wiki]
 181 [03:52]  * philipballew is giving a talk there
 182 [03:52]  * pleia2 too
 183 [03:53] <philipballew> if you happen to be at the San Diego Linux Users Group and her my talk, then don't bother coming to my SCALE talk.
 184 [03:53] <philipballew> gonna be this Thursday
 185 [03:53] <pleia2> hehe
 186 [03:54] <pleia2> ok, hopefully further scale details can be worked out directly with the folks involved and on list
 187 [03:54] <pleia2> (need to move this meeting along :))
 188 [03:54] <pleia2> #topic upcoming events and other announcements
 189 [03:54] <eps> UDS-S?
 190 [03:54] <pleia2> I'm hosting an Ubuntu Hour + Debian dinner on Wednesday: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/2181/detail/
 191 [03:54] <darthrobot> Title: [Ubuntu Hour San Francisco | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]
 192 [03:55] <pleia2> and yeah, UDS-S will be in Oakland again: http://uds.ubuntu.com/
 193 [03:55] <darthrobot> Title: [Ubuntu Developer Summit]
 194 [03:55] <pleia2> May 6-9
 195 [03:55] <pleia2> (I won't be in town, that's during my honeymoon :))
 196 [03:56] <akk> Sheesh, you're missing UDS for a little thing like that?
 197 [03:56] <akk> :)
 198 [03:56] <pleia2> gladly!
 199 [03:56] <philipballew> I finish school that Friday and have to be in San Diego for bro's college graduation Saturday and some of Sunday, but will fly up into oakland on Sunday hopefully.
 200 [03:56] <pleia2> beaches, cocktails
 201 [03:56] <grantbow> lol
 202 [03:57] <eps> What's involved in getting a life-size cardboard standee of pleia2 made? ;-)
 203 [03:57] <pleia2> lol
 204 [03:57] <grantbow> markdude? :-)
 205 [03:57] <pleia2> just get a princess leia one (episode 4, please) and put my badge on it :)
 206 [03:57] <eps> grantbow: Yeah, whatever happened to him? Is he still alive?
 207 [03:58] <pleia2> yeah he still pops by
 208 [03:58] <grantbow> ask him when he's in the channel again, he's around.
 209 [03:58] <philipballew> pleia2, Ill carry a standout of you with me to the sessions ans sit next to it?
 210 [03:59] <philipballew> also pleia2 you get to prep for the new Princess Leia!
 211 [03:59] <philipballew> so is there anything we still need to talk about?
 212 [04:00] <pleia2> should be it
 213 [04:00] <philipballew> perfect
 214 [04:00] <pleia2> thanks everyone@
 215 [04:00] <pleia2> !
 216 [04:00] <pleia2> #endmeeting

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