Sunday, November 3rd, 2013, 7:00pm (1900) PT

Original Agenda

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If you have anything else you'd like to add to the agenda, or want to make some changes, please feel free to edit it. Please include an explanation of your item if it's not immediately apparent. Agenda items added within 24 hours of the start of the meeting may be postponed until the next meeting. Adding your item well in advance helps everyone collaborate and avoids last minute surprises.

Our meetings are held for about 60 minutes every other Sunday at 7:00pm (19:00) PT / 03:00 UTC in our IRC channel, #ubuntu-us-ca on freenode. All interested people are welcome to join us. For questions or help connecting, check out the InternetRelayChat page or use the Web client linked from the Contact page.

   1 [03:02] <philipballew> Well here is the agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13November03
   2 [03:02] <darthrobot> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/13November03 - Ubuntu Wiki]
   3 [03:03] <philipballew> Currently nothing on there, however we have some things to look foreword to.
   4 [03:03] <philipballew> Scale is a big one.
   5 [03:03] <philipballew> gonna be in a few months, and I'll bring my banner up from San Diego where I am currently.
   6 [03:04] <philipballew> other than that. I think we have some Ubuntu hours this month.
   7 [03:04] <philipballew> If there is nothing else anyone wants to talk about I might just close it up.
   8 [03:04]  * philipballew closes meeting.

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