Sunday, March 9th, 2014, 7:00pm (1900) PT

Original Agenda

  1. Scale12x wrap-up
  2. 14.04 Release planning

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   7 [02:01] <pleia2> who all is here for the meeting? :)
   8 [02:01] <rww> o/
   9 [02:01]  * rww puts Corey's hand up
  10 [02:01] <nhaines> _o/
  11 [02:02] <pleia2> hehe
  12 [02:02] <eps> hi
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  15 [02:02] <pleia2> #topic Scale12x wrap-up
  16 [02:03] <pleia2> I didn't really participate in the booth this year aside from bringing things
  17 [02:03] <pleia2> the impression I got was that we were pretty well stocked stuff-wise
  18 [02:03] <pleia2> next year I'll bring the 2nd tablecloth, just in case :)
  19 [02:03] <rww> I think we did pretty well. I liked the corner booth layout a lot.
  20 [02:04] <Corey> Yes, I'm here.
  21 [02:04] <nhaines> A second tablecloth could have been handy but we did have a nice orange one for the main table.  :)
  22 [02:04] <rww> Lots of talking to people, the Ubuntu for Phones stuff went down well
  23 [02:04] <pleia2> http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/sets/72157641493306483/
  24 [02:04] <darthrobot`> Title: [SCaLE12x - a set on Flickr]
  25 [02:04] <Corey> One comment on scale12 booth: most vendors were seriously out of stock after the first two hours of the exhibithall being open. How did Ubuntu avoid that?
  26 [02:04] <rww> Computers probably should be changed next year, they didn't get a lot of attention other than for looking for stuff on the internet
  27 [02:04] <rww> Corey: rationing
  28 [02:04] <nhaines> Corner booths are the best.  Dropping the rail and inviting people into our space worked great.
  29 [02:04] <pleia2> rww: yeah, the corner table was great
  30 [02:04] <Corey> Was the swag rationed?
  31 [02:04] <nhaines> Corey: we hid our swag.
  32 [02:05] <Corey> That may be worth writing down as a good "todo" for the next conference we have a presence at.
  33 [02:05] <nhaines> Corey: mainly we had 12.04 LTS CDs, so we just gave them out whenever someone asked for them.
  34 [02:05] <Corey> nhaines: Even the Gentoo guys ran out and had to burn more after the first few hours.
  35 [02:05] <nhaines> And same with lanyards.  When someone stopped to chat for a bit we offered them, sort of throughout the day.
  36 [02:05] <rww> thankfully we'll (presumably) have 14.04 next year, which will be a bit more up-to-date
  37 [02:05] <nhaines> Corey: sudo apt-get install gentoo
  38 [02:05] <rww> nhaines: you joke, but I install Gentoo using an Ubuntu LiveCD usually
  39 [02:05] <Corey> Ahh, the lanyards weren't "grab one," but rather offered to people who were "qualified."
  40 [02:06] <eps> We ran out of candy at the end of the first day. (We started with a one-day supply and didn't restock.)
  41 [02:06] <Corey> You joke, but I don't install Gentoo because I have a job to do. :-)
  42 [02:06] <pleia2> hah
  43 [02:06] <nhaines> Corey: yes, and "qualified" was either "kid looking cute" or "demonstrated actual interest in booth topic"
  44 [02:07] <rww> I think having burned CDs of up-to-date version and derivatives might be useful
  45 [02:07] <nhaines> Same for pins, stickers, etc.
  46 [02:07] <ianorlin> I agree
  47 [02:07] <rww> more swag is good, and there were some people who asked
  48 [02:07] <pleia2> rww: was there a lot of interest in the flavors?
  49 [02:07] <nhaines> We used to do lots of burning on-demand, but we weren't set up very optimally for that this year.
  50 [02:07] <pleia2> I spoke with jcastro (works for Canonical on juju) and he was surprised we got to little, hoping to work his contacts next year because he's familiar with + likes the conference
  51 [02:07] <rww> pleia2: amongst the people not talking about phones to us, yes
  52 [02:08] <pleia2> nice :)
  53 [02:08] <rww> pleia2: and the GNOME folks asked if we had Ubuntu GNOME CDs to hand out, which we didn't ;(
  54 [02:08]  * ianorlin was one of the nonphone people
  55 [02:08] <pleia2> rww: aw, yeah
  56 [02:08] <pleia2> any issues with the booth we should talk about to get straightened out for next year?
  57 [02:08] <rww> nhaines: yeah. I guess maybe in the corner, where my larger monitor was?
  58 [02:08] <nhaines> That will be a huge marketing opportunity next year if Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 earns an LTS.
  59 [02:08] <rww> nhaines: indeed
  60 [02:09] <nhaines> rww: that and George's laptop.
  61 [02:09] <rww> *nod*
  62 [02:09] <rww> but yeah, things to improve...
  63 [02:09] <nhaines> I have two more really positive things about the booth!
  64 [02:09] <pleia2> oh good
  65 [02:09] <nhaines> Canonical sent two Nexus 4 phones, and they were a big hit!
  66 [02:09] <pleia2> that's pretty awesome
  67 [02:10] <nhaines> Last year I happened to show up with a Galaxy Nexus running the MWC demo, and my throat was raw for a week.
  68 [02:10] <rww> there was a lot of mess underneath and behind the tables this time. I'd like it if we could put backpacks/swag/etc. somewhere else. There were a few times I had to go rummaging around to find something, and we intruded on the booth behind us a couple of times
  69 [02:10] <pleia2> nhaines: haha
  70 [02:10] <nhaines> This year we were able to quick-train everyone on the phones and I had a Nexus 5, José had his Nexus 4, and it was just barely enough to satisfy interest.  :)
  71 [02:10] <pleia2> rww: I know there was a lot of extra stuff I sent along too, we might do a better job of parring that down to only what we really want
  72 [02:11] <nhaines> Whoever organized that did a fantastic job.  Next year we'll harrass Canonical for Meizu phones.  :)
  73 [02:11] <rww> I think some crosstraining on Friday for booth volunteers would be good, too.
  74 [02:11] <Corey> Snark aside, it may be good to have a pre-conference training session next year, depending.
  75 [02:11] <eps> +1
  76 [02:11] <pleia2> great minds
  77 [02:11] <nhaines> Canonical also sent a human being, jose, and he was a super help.
  78 [02:12] <rww> We got up to speed pretty quickly on the phone stuff, but I'd have preferred to know ahead of time more about it.
  79 [02:12] <Corey> Bah, my latency midair means rww wins.
  80 [02:12] <rww> hehe
  81 [02:12] <pleia2> nhaines: well, he was funded by community funds :)
  82 [02:12] <pleia2> of which canonical is the caretaker of
  83 [02:12] <Corey> Jose was human?
  84 [02:13] <nhaines> José was a big surprise to me, and a super hard worker.
  85 [02:13] <rww> sorry, I should have made a list ahead of time, I keep remembering stuff I meant to say here...
  86 [02:13] <pleia2> jose applied through this: http://community.ubuntu.com/help-information/funding/ (which we should keep in mind for our team for things like tshirts)
  87 [02:13] <darthrobot`> Title: [Ubuntu Community | Ubuntu donations funding]
  88 [02:13] <rww> booth volunteer schedules
  89 [02:13] <nhaines> Even when he was asked to keep an eye on the System76 booth for 15 minutes, they came back to find him running the booth for them.  :D
  90 [02:13] <rww> we used to do them, i think we should start doing them again
  91 [02:13] <pleia2> that funding is also how we got the 2nd loco banner and tablecloth
  92 [02:13] <ianorlin> Jose was awesome
  93 [02:13] <nhaines> rww: I agree.  It was really chaotic and I think really hindered things.
  94 [02:14] <nhaines> Okay, things that needed improving time?
  95 [02:14] <pleia2> yeah
  96 [02:14] <pleia2> so, I have:
  97 [02:14] <pleia2> training on friday
  98 [02:14] <pleia2> volunteer schedules
  99 [02:14] <pleia2> not so much stuff under the tables (or better organization)
 100 [02:14] <nhaines> The phones should have been updated overnight.  There were fantastic enhancements (like Enter and Backspace working in Terminal) and we had two of them.
 101 [02:15] <jose> o/
 102 [02:15] <jose> phones were updated during the first day of exhibition
 103 [02:15] <nhaines> I think under the tables is good for stuff, but we need to be much more organized about it.
 104 [02:15] <rww> ^
 105 [02:15] <jose> looks like the changed landed in -proposed, but not -devel
 106 [02:15] <rww> and keep it out of sight
 107 [02:15] <ianorlin> yeah don't want someone taking it
 108 [02:15] <rww> If we're going to have computers, I think one large one running Unity and burning, and smaller ones running maybe the current devel release and a flavor would be nice
 109 [02:15] <nhaines> jose: Sunday morning was when the fun stuff hit.  Should've been tested though.  :)
 110 [02:16] <rww> I was thinking of doing virtualbox with kubuntu/xubuntu/lubuntu/etc. on one computer, but didn't get around to it
 111 [02:16] <nhaines> rww: we were trying to get trusty running, but the donated system had one of the famous four bad Intel chipsets.
 112 [02:16]  * rww nods
 113 [02:16] <pleia2> nhaines: doh
 114 [02:16] <Corey> Hmm. I have to counter the idea of "updating in the night"
 115 [02:16] <nhaines> Corey: only because we had two devices.  Test on one, update the other if the first doesn't catch on fire.
 116 [02:16] <Corey> The idea is that you want to have a known-state demo device at these things. If the update goes a bit nutty, you're down a device.
 117 [02:16] <nhaines> Corey: yes, but they're very easily rest to known-good.
 118 [02:16] <Corey> Is the ecosystem really evolving so quickly that a nightly build is the best thing to demo to newcomers?
 119 [02:17] <nhaines> Corey: yeah, because of the Terminal bug, I think it was justified.
 120 [02:17] <rww> ubuntu for phones is, I think. hopefully not next year.
 121 [02:17] <nhaines> Yup, next year we'll have stable releases.
 122 [02:18] <nhaines> Okay, so one big problem with the scheduling was that the booth volunteeres didn't really have a sense of schedule.
 123 [02:18] <nhaines> Because there wasn't one.
 124 [02:18] <nhaines> This led to quite a few logistical issues that I'm going to get into detail on.
 125 [02:19] <nhaines> First of all, "show up at 8 to set up the booth" is a really bad idea.  The floor opened to exhibitors at noon on Friday, and that's when George Mulak and I were carrying our stuff to the booth and pushing tables around.
 126 [02:19] <pleia2> 8AM?
 127 [02:19] <nhaines> yeah, 8am Saturday.
 128 [02:19] <pleia2> yeah, night before is much better, we did that last year
 129 [02:20] <ianorlin> the booth was open on Friday?
 130 [02:20] <pleia2> ianorlin: only to folks setting up
 131 [02:20] <ianorlin> ah
 132 [02:20] <pleia2> you needed an expo badge to get in :)
 133 [02:20] <nhaines> So we did what we could, dropped out supplies, and had to come back.
 134 [02:20] <pleia2> er, exhibitor
 135 [02:20] <nhaines> The other problem was that there didn't seem to be any organization to the booth.
 136 [02:21] <nhaines> I mean this in regards to plans about layout, materials that would be there, key topics to discuss, any kind of volunteer list, etc.
 137 [02:22] <nhaines> I caught on to this and showed up ready to do as much heavy-lifting as possible, and I'm glad I did because at 8am nothing was ready.
 138 [02:22] <pleia2> we did have a volunteer list on the wiki with vague committmentments-timewise (like, which day)
 139 [02:22] <rww> pleia2: yeah, I'm thinking more of something with 1 to 2 hour increments, so I know who's going to be at the booth and when I can go see speakers
 140 [02:22] <pleia2> the wiki also had a materials list, but I don't think it was updated to list all the computers
 141 [02:22] <pleia2> rww: yeah
 142 [02:23] <pleia2> key talking points would be great
 143 [02:23] <nhaines> I tried to do a quick rundown of some phone facts for everyone, but it was difficult since I didn't know who was there to volunteer and who was just helping set up (thanks to everyone who did both, btw).
 144 [02:24] <ianorlin> if we do dvds cd of new realse how will we keep them organized?
 145 [02:24] <rww> sharpie the versions onto them and make piles
 146 [02:24] <nhaines> Phil didn't show up until about 8:30 or so, I believe, and by that time we were pretty much organized and just in implementation mode.
 147 [02:24] <pleia2> nhaines: thanks for doing that :)
 148 [02:24] <nhaines> rww: +!
 149 [02:25] <nhaines> pleia2: you're welcome.  I spent the three days before SCALE digesting any piece of phone/tablet news I could.  :)
 150 [02:25] <pleia2> yeah, if you say "meet at 8AM" showing up at 8AM is an important thing as a leader
 151 [02:25] <nhaines> Just before 10, Eric Stoltz showed up and was really furious that we'd decided not to use the candy he'd donated.
 152 [02:26] <nhaines> But in real life, we had no idea there was candy because Phil was around for about 15 minutes and then disappeared again.
 153 [02:26] <pleia2> scott :) eps
 154 [02:26] <pleia2> eps brought the candy, I brought the dishes
 155 [02:26] <eps>  The candy was there on Friday
 156 [02:26] <nhaines> Was it Scott?  Oh, fantastic.  :)  Yeah, well, blame that on the big blur that is SCALE.  I took notes to be able to remember anything.
 157 [02:27] <pleia2> nhaines: er, eric scott
 158 [02:27] <pleia2> hehe
 159 [02:27] <nhaines> pleia2: yes, so noted.  :)
 160 [02:27] <nhaines> eps: the candy was perfect--individually wrapped, pleasant and not disgusting.  And I actually gave an empty bag to a guest who was concerned that he wanted to buy more.
 161 [02:28] <eps> That stuff's not cheap, and you can't save it to use next year.
 162 [02:28] <nhaines> eps: definitely not a problem at SCALE.  :)
 163 [02:28]  * pleia2 nods
 164 [02:28] <pleia2> hehe
 165 [02:28] <nhaines> But yeah, we didn't see it, so I'm really glad you showed up and mentioned it, because we had the candy dishes ready.
 166 [02:29] <nhaines> Some people don't like using kidney dishes for candy dispensers no matter how cute the CoF logo we make is!  To that, I say we should use brown and yellow M&M candies in them.
 167 [02:29] <rww> lol
 168 [02:29] <pleia2> lol
 169 [02:30] <nhaines> Anyone who doesn't turn green from the idea of kidney dishes and that color of candies usually turns green from the idea of 2000 booth attendees reaching into a shared candy bowl.
 170 [02:30] <nhaines> Another really serious thing happened.  We had these fantastic, no-longer-produced, expensive developer phones from Canonical.
 171 [02:30] <eps> There is an orange scoop along with the candy dishes. We may want more of them.
 172 [02:31] <nhaines> And a Canonical employee mentioned to me on Sunday before the show started that he happened to visit the Ubuntu booth and there were no volunteers but the phones were just laying on the table.
 173 [02:32] <ianorlin> that is not good
 174 [02:32] <nhaines> No one admitted to walking away and leaving the booth unattended, and as best as I could determine, if this theoretically happened, it wouldn't have been for more than 3-5 minutes and our neighboring booth would have kept an eye on the booth during that time.
 175 [02:32] <pleia2> :(
 176 [02:32] <nhaines> Now, we made great friends with our neighbors and watched their booth for half an hour, and they certainly would have kept an eye out.  But their awesome booth was also very busy and there's no way anyone could have stopped a phone from walking iff.
 177 [02:33] <nhaines> s/iff/off/
 178 [02:33] <pleia2> that's bad, we're the first loco team to have these loaned to us, we really should have made sure to be really diligent about that because our behavior may determine what they give to others
 179 [02:33] <nhaines> Thankfully, it was *SCALE*, so of course they didn't walk off.  But it was a very real possibility, and the phones should have been secured.  This is extremely important and we're going to want to make sure that everyone knows the proper procedure for this kind of thing.
 180 [02:34] <pleia2> yeah
 181 [02:34] <nhaines> Now I talked to Jono about it and he was aware of the issue, he wasn't so concerned about making it a problem but wanted to make sure it didn't happen on Sunday, too.  And I reported back to him the week after with my findings.
 182 [02:34] <rww> Volunteer scheduling would have mitigated that to an extent. I (and some others) also made sure I let whoever was around know before I left the booth how long I'd be gone, so we tried to informally make sure it was staffed but evidently that broke down.
 183 [02:35]  * pleia2 nods
 184 [02:35] <nhaines> I did the same thing--never left without letting everyone know and tried to estimate my return time.  So I was really surprised.
 185 [02:35] <pleia2> I think in general by having a plan we can impress upon volunteers how important it is to may sure things are tended
 186 [02:35] <pleia2> talking points, rules, and here's the schedule
 187 [02:35] <ianorlin> where should this plan be so people don't forget when their shifts are?
 188 [02:35] <rww> ianorlin: wiki
 189 [02:36]  * ianorlin thinks that is a good idea
 190 [02:36] <rww> and people who say that they're going to staff the booth and show up to staff the booth need to not then wander off
 191 [02:36] <nhaines> I agree.  And these are very easy to set up ahead of time plus they're very reusable.
 192 [02:36] <rww> unless the other booth people know where they're going and how long they'll be, and we're covered for the duration
 193 [02:36] <rww> ianorlin: and printed out the day of the event on paper
 194 [02:37] <nhaines> Okay, so apparently the booth was unattended for 5 seconds and that's when Canonical showed up.  If *I* were Canonical, I'd have pocketed the phones and (maybe) returned them later.
 195 [02:37] <nhaines> I think everyone agrees how grave that is, and I think we'll be able to ensure it doesn't happen again in the future.
 196 [02:37] <pleia2> yep
 197 [02:38] <pleia2> ok, anything else?
 198 [02:38] <nhaines> I think those are the big takeaways for the booth itself.
 199 [02:38] <nhaines> I do want to mention one nice thing about showing up and "taking charge" of the booth.
 200 [02:38] <pleia2> does someone want to put these key points together in an email to the list that we can reference next year?
 201 [02:39] <rww> i will
 202 [02:39] <pleia2> thanks rww :)
 203 [02:39] <nhaines> This mostly consisted of me saying to do things, and then our fantastic volunteers, rww, jose, George Mulak, Matt Mootz, and potentionally one or two other people... basically did what I said, or had really great suggestions that were even better ideas.
 204 [02:40] <pleia2> \o/
 205 [02:40] <nhaines> So I found that the volunteer team was really spectacular, easy to get along with, and was just generally awesome.  Everything I heard from others was that the booth was great.
 206 [02:40] <pleia2> yeah, I heard good things about the booth too
 207 [02:41] <rww> pleia2: I'll stick an abridged copy on the SCaLE page too so we can get to it without grepping the mailing list
 208 [02:41] <pleia2> rww: thumbs up
 209 [02:42] <nhaines> I have a post-SCALE thing but that's about all I have for SCALE itself.
 210 [02:42] <pleia2> 14.04 Release planning is next up on the agenda, do you have something before that?
 211 [02:43] <nhaines> Yeah, might as well.
 212 [02:43] <nhaines> So we had these cool Ubuntu Cloud shirts we didn't know what to do with.
 213 [02:43] <pleia2> oh, did they come in the conference pack?
 214 [02:43] <nhaines> I'm not sure.  I think Jorge Castro had a few extra and he likes to pass them along.  There were only 4.
 215 [02:44] <nhaines> So José had the idea for a raffle.  We gathered email addresses and awarded out the shirts.
 216 [02:44] <pleia2> cool
 217 [02:44] <pleia2> oh, I guess that means they need to get to somewhere now?
 218 [02:44] <nhaines> Now I have a list of email addresses, and if I were organized I would know how many but I'm sure Unity smart search will help me find my list later.  :P
 219 [02:45] <pleia2> so in the past we said "we'll have a raffle at $time, come back to participate"
 220 [02:45] <pleia2> so no need to follow up after, gave stuff out then
 221 [02:45] <nhaines> Well, we didn't really talk about what we were going to use them for, but I think it's fair to assume that they could expect an email, since all but one gave their email (and I Googled that address anyway, so there.)
 222 [02:45] <rww> pleia2: I think we gave them out. nhaines wants to spam^Wfollow up with people.
 223 [02:45] <pleia2> oh, I see :)
 224 [02:45] <nhaines> I've drafted up the following email: http://pastebin.com/H2Vm6StQ
 225 [02:45] <darthrobot`> Title: [Ubuntu post-SCALE12X email - Pastebin.com]
 226 [02:46] <nhaines> And unless there are any suggestions I'd like to send it out in an hour or two and then let that be what we do with the emails.
 227 [02:46] <pleia2> lgtm
 228 [02:46] <rww> perhaps not to the person who didn't provide their email. that's slightly creepy :P
 229 [02:46] <nhaines> I'll send it to the ML but BCC all the attendees, so we have a record too.
 230 [02:47] <nhaines> rww: but it'd be sooo much fun!
 231 [02:47] <rww> maybe reiterate at the bottom that they're only getting one email?
 232 [02:47] <rww> apart from that, lgtm
 233 [02:47]  * ianorlin agrees on only one email
 234 [02:47] <nhaines> rww: I put it toward the top, but bottom is good too.  I'll do that.
 235 [02:48] <nhaines> Anyway, I'll be around in-channel after the meeting, so we can discuss it further there, since no one seems opposed in principle.
 236 [02:48] <pleia2> thanks nhaines
 237 [02:49] <nhaines> Okay, that's all from me.  :)
 238 [02:49] <pleia2> ok
 239 [02:49] <pleia2> #topic 14.04 Release planning
 240 [02:49] <nhaines> Aww I forgot to do the fancy topic thing for my thing.  :)
 241 [02:50] <rww> i just had a random idea
 242 [02:50] <rww> put up a poll thing on the ML and in here with regions of CA on it, asking where people would think about attending a release party
 243 [02:50] <rww> then plan release parties around that instead of just where people feel like doing them
 244 [02:50] <pleia2> so there had been some discussion about something other than just a party, like an installfest or something bigger at a SF company who might sponsor something
 245 [02:51] <rww> anonymous ofc, so people don't feel pressured to attend
 246 [02:51] <rww> </idea>
 247 [02:51] <rww> pleia2: ooo, we haven't done an installfest in ages
 248 [02:51] <pleia2> rww: sounds good, want to set it up? :)
 249 [02:51] <pleia2> yeah, we haven't
 250 [02:51] <pleia2> I think the last one was for 10.04
 251 [02:51] <eps> Tell me more about those four bad Intel chips... :-(
 252 [02:51] <rww> sure. suggestions for free software / open source poll sites to my PM window, plz
 253 [02:51] <pleia2> that was over at noisebridge, which is a bit dirty (some folks felt uncomfortable) and we did it during a street festival (doh)
 254 [02:52] <pleia2> I'll gather up my notes from a couple months ago about potential companies and send an email to the list about an installfest
 255 [02:52] <rww> I could get something at work, but that's probably too far north for the SF Bay people
 256 [02:52] <nhaines> OCLUG is planning an instalfest in May and has agreed to feature Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.  This will take place in Orange, California at Cal State Fullerton.
 257 [02:52] <pleia2> nhaines: nice!
 258 [02:53] <rww> nice, that mitigates the "we should do two" i was thinking
 259 [02:53] <ianorlin> that is a little far for me but I might be able to go
 260 [02:53] <nhaines> We did a trial run in December, and we ended up with a lot of faculty support, so we're expecting it to be big.
 261 [02:53] <rww> nhaines: do they need volunteers?
 262 [02:53] <pleia2> sfsu might have space too, sameer verma is a bit open source supporter and user
 263 [02:53] <nhaines> That's partly where the new name badges featured in this article came from: http://www.nhaines.com/blog/2014/02/27/showing-ubuntu-pride/
 264 [02:53] <darthrobot`> Title: [Showing Ubuntu Pride | Nathan Haines]
 265 [02:54] <pleia2> s/bit/big
 266 [02:54] <nhaines> rww: yes, the LUG members are nice but not experienced installfest-ers.
 267 [02:54] <nhaines> So I'm preparing to do a major update to my "Ubuntu and You" presentation that showcases 14.04.
 268 [02:54] <rww> nhaines: advertising it on ubuntu-us-ca@ and maybe Planet might help, then :)
 269 [02:55] <nhaines> And I'll try to get that published afterwards, but it probably won't be ready until May.
 270 [02:55] <rww> i know it's not a LoCo thing, but I don't think anyone would mind
 271 [02:55] <pleia2> it's an Ubuntu thing that happens in California, it's fair :)
 272 [02:55] <rww> since we so rarely have decent-sized installfests in .us.ca these days
 273 [02:55] <ianorlin> I haven't done an installfest before though
 274 [02:55] <nhaines> rww: we're just getting ready to ramp up preparation for it (there's no hard date yet), so once that gets locked down I'll start advertising.  :)
 275 [02:55] <rww> woot
 276 [02:56] <nhaines> ianorlin: want to learn how?  They're really fun.  Come along and we'll teach you.  :)
 277 [02:56] <pleia2> ianorlin: that's ok, we have a few veterans here who just need volunteers :)
 278 [02:56] <nhaines> ianorlin: this is also how we run our expo booths.  :P
 279 [02:56] <pleia2> yeah, none of us really knew how to do anything when we started
 280 [02:56] <pleia2> hehe
 281 [02:56] <ianorlin> I have done lots of installs
 282 [02:57] <nhaines> pleia2: funny, it's also how I became an adult, too.
 283 [02:57] <pleia2> mostly it's figuring out hardware gotchas and getting people past other glitches in installs
 284 [02:57] <pleia2> nhaines: and yet no one ever tells you that
 285 [02:57]  * nhaines turns 18.  "Well... guess I'm... an adult now."
 286 [02:57] <rww> you're an adult? i was cleaning the toilet this afternoon and was thinking i should start feeling like an adult soon
 287 [02:57] <nhaines> rww: it comes and goes in waves.
 288 [02:57] <pleia2> at least nhaines wears grown up clothes
 289 [02:58] <pleia2> anyway!
 290 [02:58] <nhaines> pleia2: only when I don't want people to recognize me.
 291 [02:58] <pleia2> I think that's all I have now for 14.04, but we do need to get this rolling soon
 292 [02:58] <rww> anyways, yay socal
 293 [02:58] <rww> and pleia2's going to sort out norcal
 294 [02:58] <pleia2> I'll send a note to the list to get ideas going, hopefully
 295 [02:58] <rww> do we want parties as well, or just an installfest with cake?
 296 [02:58] <pleia2> would be nice to do another party in SF
 297 [02:59] <pleia2> but someone else should organize that and convince jono to come
 298 [02:59] <nhaines> I'm considering expanding my "Advocacy for Advocates" UPSCALE talk from a couple years ago, and that's a good reminder on how to act when sharing Free Software with others, and I might give the presentation at the April OCLUG meeting.
 299 [02:59] <rww> someone should convince jono to organize it :D
 300 [02:59] <pleia2> rww: he has an interesting definition of organizing :)
 301 [02:59] <rww> ah, good point
 302 [02:59] <nhaines> So I'll make that available if it looks like it might be helpful as far as installfest training goes.  :)
 303 [03:00] <pleia2> yay
 304 [03:00] <pleia2> alright, hour long meeting, phew
 305 [03:00] <pleia2> time to find some dinner :)
 306 [03:00] <nhaines> Just like the good ol' days.  :)
 307 [03:00] <pleia2> #topic Any other business
 308 [03:00] <pleia2> for good measure, anything else?
 309 [03:01] <nhaines> Yes.  I'm really impressed with the community this year at SCALE, and I'm rejoining the team.  I'm looking foward to getting California active again.  :)
 310 [03:01] <eps> Ubuntu Hours?
 311 [03:01] <rww> unfortunately for nhaines, Launchpad will reflect his original sign-up date Way Back In The Day when he rejoins, thus erasing the evidence of his discontent :P
 312 [03:02] <nhaines> We live in a world of mystery.
 313 [03:02] <pleia2> so SF Ubuntu Hour this wednesday http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/2733-ubuntu-hour-san-francisco/
 314 [03:02] <darthrobot`> Title: [Ubuntu Hour San Francisco | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]
 315 [03:02] <pleia2> one in Berkely on the 20th: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/2686-ubuntu-hour-berkeley/
 316 [03:02] <darthrobot`> Title: [Ubuntu Hour Berkeley | Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal]
 317 [03:02] <pleia2> nhaines: yay, welcome back! :D
 318 [03:02] <rww> who hosts the berkeley ones? michael paoli?
 319 [03:03] <nhaines> I have some external Ubuntu community work still in the queue, but I want to start making great resources to help anyone plan, organize, and execute their own events.
 320 [03:03] <nhaines> pleia2: thanks!  :D
 321 [03:03] <pleia2> rww: yeah
 322 [03:03] <nhaines> So there might be an Ubuntu Hour package with pointers.  And maybe a Conference package.  Some art assets, some checklists, etc.  So that'll be something the LoCo can help with and then we can get it on SpreadUbuntu or such. :)
 323 [03:03] <nhaines> Coming This Summer.  :P
 324 [03:04] <pleia2> nhaines: like an advocacy kit? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu%20Advocacy%20Kit%20(UAK)
 325 [03:04]  * pleia2 would love that to be a real thing
 326 [03:04] <pleia2> it's pretty... sparse
 327 [03:04] <rww> it has a picture of jono playing guitar, which is all it really needs
 328 [03:05] <nhaines> pleia2: yeah.  That's because it's all compiled from RestructuredText.  But I made dholbach merge my name badges, so that's a start.  :)
 329 [03:05] <pleia2> \o/
 330 [03:05] <pleia2> rww: haha, sigh
 331 [03:06] <nhaines> Anyway, we'll make something awesome that *we* can use.  And from there we'll get it out to where others can.
 332 [03:06] <pleia2> ok, let's wrap up then
 333 [03:06] <pleia2> nhaines: yeah :)
 334 [03:06] <nhaines> So remember that when planning the release parties and installfests.  ;)
 335 [03:06] <pleia2> indeed!
 336 [03:06] <rww> include cake recipes
 337 [03:06] <pleia2> ok, thanks everyone
 338 [03:06] <pleia2> #endmeeting

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