Sunday, May 4th, 2014, 7:00pm (1900) PT


  1. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS DVD distribution

  2. Release parties wrap-up
  3. Future events
    1. CaliforniaTeam/Projects/OCLUGInstallFestMay2014

    2. Event ideas?

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   4 [02:06] <rww> Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/14May04
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   6 [02:06] <rww> Wave your hands in the air if you're here :)
   7 [02:06] <rww> o/
   8 [02:06] <jyo> o/
   9 [02:06] <ianorlin> o/
  10 [02:06] <nhaines> o/
  11 [02:07]  * philipballew waves his hands like he just does not care
  12 [02:07] <philipballew> \0/
  13 [02:07] <rww> #topic Ubuntu 14.04 LTS DVD distribution
  14 [02:07] <rww> Okays, so nhaines emailed the list about this, but here's a heads up for the people who don't read mailing lists: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2014-April/002415.html
  15 [02:07] <darthrobot> Title: [[Ubuntu-US-CA] Ubuntu 14.04 LTS DVDs now available for Californiaevents.]
  16 [02:08] <rww> tl;dr: we got our DVDs for this cycle. If you would like some for an event or something, contact both Nathan and Lyz and they'll get you sorted out :)
  17 [02:09] <rww> questions/comments?
  18 [02:09] <rww> oh, I had one
  19 [02:09] <rww> nhaines: y'all are keeping track of who gets what, I assume?
  20 [02:09] <nhaines> rww: yeah.  I'm going to start populating the wiki with that info
  21 [02:10] <rww> nhaines: excellent, thanks :)
  22 [02:10] <nhaines> So far, I took 25, philipballew got 25 delivered, and we have another 5 going out soon.  :)
  23 [02:11] <rww> oh, and if any conferences pop up, email Lyz at least six weeks ahead of time so she can get a conference pack sorted, as nhaines said in email
  24 [02:11] <rww> #topic Release parties wrap-up
  25 [02:11] <rww> #subtopic San Francisco Release Party
  26 [02:11] <rww> Lyz posted some info at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2014-April/002414.html
  27 [02:11] <darthrobot> Title: [[Ubuntu-US-CA] San Francisco 14.04 Release party was a success -Thank you!]
  28 [02:12] <rww> tl;dr: It was pretty rocking :)
  29 [02:12] <jyo> Really quite pleased with how the location worked out. ;)
  30 [02:12] <rww> I think me and jyo were the only people here who went, right? (or are people hiding)
  31 [02:13] <rww> jyo: any comments on things we did especially well or could improve next time around?
  32 [02:13] <rww> food and hosting was perfect, I think there was a nice mix of stuff to do, I didn't get bored or anything...
  33 [02:13] <jyo> AdRoll's beer taps were broken. Had to drink free wine instead of free beer.</joke>
  34 [02:13] <rww> having Ubuntu Touch stuff was a hit just like at SCaLE
  35 [02:13] <rww> lol
  36 [02:13]  * ianorlin only got to see the pics
  37 [02:14] <jyo> but yes, the AdRoll guys were really helpful with getting cords, the projector set up.
  38 [02:14] <rww> I am happy that there are pics of me at an Ubuntu California event now where I don't look like a dork (as much)
  39 [02:15] <nhaines> rww: I guess if you are at enough events, eventually you get lucky.  :)
  40 [02:15] <rww> And I've done it already at G+, but props to AdRoll for their hosting, props to Canonical for disbursing community donations funds to us, and props to Lyz for taking point on this
  41 [02:15] <rww> nhaines: hehe
  42 [02:15] <rww> Any more comments, or shall I turn it over to the SoCal folks for their party?
  43 [02:15] <ianorlin> how did the flavor laptops seem to be liked?
  44 [02:15] <jyo> I think corporate event space is a good balance.
  45 [02:15] <rww> ianorlin: arrith and co decided to try to break mine, and I wasn't paying attention to the other ones :s
  46 [02:16] <rww> (I didn't actually look to see yet, I think it ended up with ports.ubuntu.com in apt sources or something)
  47 [02:16] <nhaines> rww: where's your sense of adventure?  :)
  48 [02:16] <rww> hehe
  49 [02:16] <jyo> since a) open space to have demo machines and b) celebratory spirits / room to talk and socialize. Usually, it always feel like events have one but not the other.
  50 [02:17] <rww> jyo: agreed
  51 [02:17] <rww> #subtopic San Diego Release Party
  52 [02:17] <rww> philipballew: how did San Diego go?
  53 [02:17]  * rww steps out for a sec to turn onion rings over
  54 [02:17] <nhaines> rww: ding! fries are done
  55 [02:17] <philipballew> San diego went great. We had 5 people in attendance, and all were great and eager to talk about Ubuntu.
  56 [02:18] <philipballew> Two of the people were visiting town from London and were just at deb conf in spain and talked about that.
  57 [02:18] <philipballew> It was great, and we had a nice intimate time.
  58 [02:19] <rww> Cool :)
  59 [02:19] <philipballew> I am gonna distribute the cd's this week most likely now also.
  60 [02:19] <rww> I like all the international folks recently, it's very cool
  61 [02:20] <philipballew> What I am currently doing in my san diego section is translation out of our loco specific stuff to Spanish personally with the help of a couple people.
  62 [02:20] <philipballew> So we can be even more international.
  63 [02:20]  * ianorlin wonders if flyers for more flavors like lubuntu would be good for the release parties?
  64 [02:21] <rww> What do we have in the way of flyers these days? I haven't taken a look at what's out there for 14.04.
  65 [02:21] <philipballew> Not to much, so  I am going to be attempting to work on some this summer rww
  66 [02:22] <rww> actually, this would probably fit better under future events
  67 [02:22] <rww> philipballew: Any final words on San Diego before I speed ahead into the next topic?
  68 [02:22] <nhaines> If no one has updated the StartUbuntu ones, I'm going to replace the screenshots with Ubuntu/Xubuntu 14.04
  69 [02:22] <philipballew> All good over here.
  70 [02:22] <rww> #topic Future events
  71 [02:22] <rww> #subtopic OCLUG Installfest
  72 [02:22] <rww> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/OCLUGInstallFestMay2014
  73 [02:22] <darthrobot> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Projects/OCLUGInstallFestMay2014 - Ubuntu Wiki]
  74 [02:23] <nhaines> All of the planning for the Installfest has really paid off.  Pretty much everything is ready.
  75 [02:23] <rww> nhaines: anything new with this, or is it still humming along nicely?
  76 [02:23] <rww> nice
  77 [02:23] <nhaines> I received a conference pack from Canonical, with some cool swag.
  78 [02:23] <philipballew> nhaines, was it fedex with the white box?
  79 [02:24] <philipballew> those are cool to get
  80 [02:24] <nhaines> 4 shirts, 55 lanyards, 25 buttons, 25 pens, and 25 sticker sheets.
  81 [02:24] <philipballew> with the ubuntu tape?
  82 [02:24] <nhaines> Yup, brown box with Ubuntu tape from Merchandise Mania.
  83 [02:24] <nhaines> Needed jaws of life to cut it open.
  84 [02:25] <philipballew> yes, those are cool!
  85 [02:25] <rww> nhaines: what does the volunteer count look like now?
  86 [02:25] <nhaines> So basically all we need now are volunteers to help with installation.
  87 [02:25]  * ianorlin plans to help
  88 [02:25] <nhaines> We haven't put out another call on the OCLUG list, but we probably have 5 or 6 people who are guaranteed to show up.
  89 [02:26] <nhaines> Everyone will have name badges, and LoCo members will have Ubuntu name badges.  So I'll need a list of volunteers soon.
  90 [02:26] <nhaines> I'll put out a call on both mailing lists this week.
  91 [02:27] <nhaines> ianorlin: I'm looking forward to seeing you there.  :)
  92 [02:27] <rww> #action nhaines to email OCLUG and ubuntu-us-ca mailing lists with call for volunteers
  93 [02:27] <darthrobot> ACTION: nhaines to email OCLUG and ubuntu-us-ca mailing lists with call for volunteers
  94 [02:27] <nhaines> Anyone from the LoCo who shows up to help gets 5 DVDs to take home.
  95 [02:28]  * philipballew has to head off
  96 [02:29] <nhaines> And basically, if you can make sure they only have 3 primary partitions or fewer and get their system to boot from disc, you're qualified, and we can even teach you how to do that.  So don't be shy!
  97 [02:29] <nhaines> That's about all I have for that.
  98 [02:29] <rww> philipballew: alrighty. have fun :)
  99 [02:29] <rww> I'm going to sneak another topic in here since we started discussing it above...
 100 [02:29] <ianorlin> also don't have to pay for parking at Cal state fulerton on Saturday
 101 [02:30] <rww> #subtopic Advocacy resources for 14.04 cycle
 102 [02:30] <rww> so as nhaines mentioned, the startubuntu ones we've been using could probably do with a screenshot refresh
 103 [02:31] <rww> and I think they mention XP as being something coming up, so probably minor text edits
 104 [02:31] <nhaines> The bold new OS that's sweeping the nation!
 105 [02:31] <rww> ianorlin: I'd like Lubuntu and Kubuntu literature too, personally. I can put some feelers out about Kubuntu. Would you mind looking into Lubuntu?
 106 [02:32] <ianorlin> Lubuntu need one made and I am part of Lubuntu comms
 107 [02:32] <ianorlin> so yes
 108 [02:32] <rww> ah, okay. I vaguely recalled you being involved in Lubuntu somehow indeed :)
 109 [02:33] <rww> so that's one thing to look into
 110 [02:33] <rww> in terms of actual LoCo resources, I think the current banner holders are Lyz and nhaines, right?
 111 [02:34] <nhaines> As of an hour ago, yes.
 112 [02:35] <rww> alrighty
 113 [02:35] <nhaines> I'll be holding on to the banner for the summer, I think.
 114 [02:35] <rww> I have some other thoughts about short talking points for core Ubuntu stuff that we might want to use for advocacy, but it's not fleshed out in my head yet so I'll defer that for now.
 115 [02:36] <nhaines> So if anyone needs the banner or tablecloth for any big events in SoCal they can let me know.
 116 [02:36] <rww> #subtopic Future Events
 117 [02:37] <rww> wait no
 118 [02:37] <rww> #undo
 119 [02:37] <darthrobot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Subtopic object at 0x975676c>
 120 [02:37] <rww> #subtopic Event ideas?
 121 [02:37] <nhaines> Ooh, Python.
 122 [02:37] <rww> hehe
 123 [02:38] <rww> So, in short, anyone have ideas for LoCo events after this month?
 124 [02:38] <rww> Since we have a whole summer to fill up somehow :)
 125 [02:39] <nhaines> I think we should see if the North Orange County Computer Club would like to hear from us about Ubuntu.  The last time we were there was for 8.04 LTS.
 126 [02:39] <rww> nhaines: what's the audience there? basic, or more advanced topics?
 127 [02:39] <rww> (e.g., "intro to Ubuntu" vs. "Ubuntu SDK is a thing")
 128 [02:40] <nhaines> Varied, but mostly older users and engineers.  So they tend to be a bit advanced, although we gave a general overview on Ubuntu and they seemed intrigued.
 129 [02:40] <nhaines> BTW, I can give an impromptu talk on the Ubuntu SDK at any time with no notice using the App School slides by David Planella.
 130 [02:41] <rww> Yeah, I've been pondering the App School stuff. Maybe I should write an app and get up on all that so we could do one up here.
 131 [02:41] <nhaines> I'm going to see if the OC Android group wants to hear a presentation about the SDK.
 132 [02:42] <nhaines> They were quite intrigued by the phone afte SCALE last year.  I basically narrated the sizzle reel from Canonical.
 133 [02:42] <rww> nhaines: maybe they'd be interested in NDR by mhall too?
 134 [02:43] <rww> since, Android
 135 [02:43] <nhaines> They were actually just interested on its own merits!
 136 [02:44] <nhaines> But yeah, with NDR I think it'll be even more intriguing.
 137 [02:44] <rww> ah, guess we hide that and get them excited about doing it from scratch :3
 138 [02:44] <nhaines> Although I liked the name "Cyborg" too.  :)
 139 [02:45] <rww> But yeah, App Dev Schools would be interesting to do, it's a bit more technical than what we usually do events for, so it might reach a different audience.
 140 [02:45] <nhaines> Yeah, I think it's worth a try.
 141 [02:45] <rww> Anyone have more ideas? LUGs that might want a presentation from one of us, etc.?
 142 [02:45]  * ianorlin needs to get more involved with them
 143 [02:46] <rww> If not, I'm going to bounce this over to the mailing list, because I'd like to start building up a list of things we can do over the summer.
 144 [02:46] <nhaines> I'm going to get some of my printables up at people.ubuntu.com and available for the LoCo.
 145 [02:46] <nhaines> And once I do the Ubuntu 14.04 presentation I'll get those slides up too.
 146 [02:46] <rww> elky just secretly mentioned https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_Freedom_Day . I vaguely remember us doing something with that a few years back.
 147 [02:46] <darthrobot> Title: [Software Freedom Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]
 148 [02:47] <nhaines> Yeah, that was a big hit up in Berkley I think
 149 [02:48] <rww> #action rww to email ubuntu-us-ca@ soliciting event ideas for the summer/fall
 150 [02:48] <darthrobot> ACTION: rww to email ubuntu-us-ca@ soliciting event ideas for the summer/fall
 151 [02:48] <rww> #topic Any other business?
 152 [02:49] <elky> best i can tell, sfd is (un)fortunately not the same day as talk like a pirate day this year
 153 [02:49] <rww> pout
 154 [02:49] <rww> pleia2: when you're not busy with aeroplanes, can I get +votiA in here so that I can do the IRC part of post-meeting stuff?
 155 [02:50] <elky> their website is also failing to work
 156 [02:51]  * rww bangs a rubber hammer
 157 [02:51] <nhaines> That's all from me.  :)
 158 [02:51] <rww> Meeting adjourned. Thanks for coming everyone :)
 159 [02:51] <rww> #endmeeting

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