Sunday, April 19th, 2015, 7:00pm (1900) PT

Original Agenda

  1. Review mailing list feedback about online meeting schedule.

If you have anything else you'd like to add to the agenda, or want to make some changes, please feel free to edit it. Please include an explanation of your item if it's not immediately apparent. Decisions on agenda items added within 48 hours of the start of the meeting may be postponed until the next meeting. Adding your item well in advance helps everyone collaborate and avoids last minute surprises.

Our meetings are held every other Sunday at 7:00pm (19:00) PT / 03:00 UTC in our IRC channel, #ubuntu-us-ca on freenode. All interested people are welcome to join us. For questions or help connecting, check out the InternetRelayChat page or use the Web client linked from the Contact page.

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   5 02:00:21 <pleia2> o/
   6 02:00:26 <nhaines> #chair nhaines elky ianorlin
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   8 02:00:28 <elky> \o
   9 02:00:42 <nhaines> Hi everyone, welcome to our biweekly LoCo meeting!  :)
  10 02:00:58 <nhaines> The agenda for this meeting is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15April19
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  12 02:01:17 <nhaines> A couple people have chimed in.  Is anyone else attending?
  13 02:02:13 <nhaines> Okay, so we'll discuss the only agenda item.
  14 02:02:24 <nhaines> #topic Review mailing list feedback about online meeting schedule.
  15 02:02:40 <pleia2> I was the only one who sent feedback, so I win
  16 02:02:47 <nhaines> +1
  17 02:03:11 <nhaines> I intended to reply to you but I've been working through the weekend unfortunately.  But I was glad you chimed in.
  18 02:03:29 <pleia2> so do you have any in-meeting/offlist reply now?
  19 02:04:03 <nhaines> In general, I think that the miscellaneous business can be handled better on the mailing list, and not require a meeting.
  20 02:04:21 <ianorlin> yeah as the list does seem quite quiet recently
  21 02:04:24 <elky> i'm currently trying to dinner, so i can't really type one out right now. but i find fortnightly meetings to be too much personally
  22 02:04:24 <nhaines> The mailing list goes to all active LoCo members and IRC logs don't.
  23 02:04:30 <pleia2> yeah, my concern is that we won't come up with miscellaneous business if we're not meeting
  24 02:04:42 <pleia2> people drift off
  25 02:04:52 <nhaines> So I would like to address that--preferably with a more active mailing list.
  26 02:05:12 <elky> well the only misc business is currently about empty meetings, so that probably says something
  27 02:05:38 <nhaines> Especially because it's always the same 7 or 8 people in meetings all the time.  All of whom I value but I worry about echo chambers.
  28 02:05:41 <pleia2> the no agenda meeting a few weeks back had someone reading the logs who ended up hosting the last SF Ubuntu Hour
  29 02:06:00 <ianorlin> yeah that is true but have they come to another meeting?
  30 02:06:04 <nhaines> Yes, but I got the impression he was already on the mailing list.
  31 02:06:11 <pleia2> ianorlin: they didn't come for that meeting, they read the logs
  32 02:06:16 <ianorlin> ah
  33 02:06:16 <pleia2> so people do that :)
  34 02:06:27 <nhaines> pleia2: I took your point for granted, but I was happy to see it illustrated to keenly.
  35 02:07:13 <nhaines> s/to/so/
  36 02:07:27 <pleia2> it wouldn't break my heart to move to monthly meetings, just trying to make sure all views are seen here
  37 02:07:43 <ianorlin> yeah I wish there was more attnednece to meetings as well
  38 02:07:51 <nhaines> pleia2: well, that's why I wanted feedback.  :)
  39 02:08:06 <nhaines> So the trick now is to try and figure out why there was basically no feedback.
  40 02:08:32 <elky> i already had my say in the meeting that's logged, so that mostly
  41 02:08:47 <nhaines> My suspicion, based on low meeting attendance, is that nobody was bothered enough to respond.
  42 02:09:28 <ianorlin> also I find I get quite a few emails about bugs so if people don't reply I may get lost and not respond to a nonactive thread
  43 02:10:25 <ianorlin> but that might not be a problem for less active users who we are trying to get to contribute more
  44 02:10:38 <nhaines> What about this?  What if we look at 2014 and 2015 meetings and see how many had no set agenda?
  45 02:11:03 <nhaines> If it's a significant amount, we should move to monthly meetings that are not cancelled due to lack of agenda items.
  46 02:11:25 <pleia2> wfm
  47 02:11:45 <elky> that would be a good metric
  48 02:11:45 <ianorlin> what does wfm mean?
  49 02:11:52 <nhaines> That way we lessen the administrative burden of meetings while still guaranteeing that someone doesn't accommodate a meeting that doesn't end up happening.
  50 02:11:55 <nhaines> ianorlin: "works for me"
  51 02:12:01 <ianorlin> ah that makes sense
  52 02:12:32 <pleia2> sorry :)
  53 02:12:36 <nhaines> Meetings are important but people shouldn't be waiting for meetings to make smaller announcements.  The bulk of that should either happen in channel or on list as they come up.
  54 02:12:59 <ianorlin> yeah wating for meetings doesn't work good as you could forget to bring it up
  55 02:13:04 <elky> yeah, announcements are easy to lose
  56 02:13:18 <elky> list archives are nicer and more searchable than meeting logs by far
  57 02:13:25 <pleia2> so who wants to do meeting archeology?
  58 02:13:44 <nhaines> I'm less worried about announcements being "forgotten" as opposed to people sitting on announcements and losing time for comments or collaboration.
  59 02:14:18 <nhaines> I can honestly say I probably won't manage to make the time to do meeting archeology this month.
  60 02:14:29 <elky> it's also easier to fire off a response in a thread, so there'd probably be more discussion overall
  61 02:15:13 <pleia2> me neither
  62 02:15:27 <elky> i could probably manage it
  63 02:15:28 <nhaines> elky: you can pet the cat while you scour through the logs.
  64 02:15:40 <ianorlin> I could but will be busy when until thursday with testing stuff pretty much
  65 02:15:49 <elky> (sorry, eating pizza, delayed response)
  66 02:16:15 <elky> ianorlin: don't worry about it, i'll do it
  67 02:16:31 <pleia2> thanks elky
  68 02:16:37 <nhaines> Okay.  I don't think this is super high priority and so maybe we'll get to it in a month?  May 17th?
  69 02:16:49 <elky> sounds good
  70 02:17:30 <nhaines> But if you can announce the results on list first so there's time for discussion, that'd be better than waiting for a meeting.  We can decide what to do at the meeting or codify list consensus.
  71 02:17:46 <pleia2> predictably I'll be traveling on the 17th
  72 02:17:50 <nhaines> (And we don't have to decide at the meeting--if results aren't forthcoming until then, we'll decide at the next meeting.)
  73 02:18:09 <ianorlin> nhianes +1
  74 02:18:38 <nhaines> pleia2: Let's see how it goes.  I want more information before a decision, so even if that date's a conflict, we'll make sure we get a statement from you.
  75 02:18:44 <elky> #action elky to do stats on meetings for the past few years and report to the list prior to the 17th for discussion at next meeting lyz can get to
  76 02:18:44 * darthrobot elky to do stats on meetings for the past few years and report to the list prior to the 17th for discussion at next meeting lyz can get to
  77 02:18:51 <elky> sound good?
  78 02:19:00 <nhaines> Which is another important reminder!  If you can't make a meeting, you can always chime in on the list in the days beforehand and we'll mention your opinion in the meeting!
  79 02:19:08 <pleia2> sounds good
  80 02:19:17 <nhaines> TIL 1.3 years == "a few"
  81 02:19:31 <nhaines> More data is better though.  ;)
  82 02:19:41 <nhaines> Okay, thanks, elky.  Any other comments before we move on?
  83 02:19:48 <elky> nope
  84 02:20:40 <nhaines> #topic Other business
  85 02:20:52 <nhaines> Okay, that's the end of our agenda items today.
  86 02:20:57 <pleia2> there weren't any team reports for this year, so I made them https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/TeamReports
  87 02:20:57 <darthrobot> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/TeamReports - Ubuntu Wiki]
  88 02:21:02 <nhaines> \o/
  89 02:21:16 <pleia2> please feel free to add to them if needed, particularly if you have some more info from scale
  90 02:21:31 <nhaines> Yeah, I really do need to gather my photos.
  91 02:21:32 <pleia2> I linked mhall119's blog post, but that's it really
  92 02:22:00 <ianorlin> oops I haven't used uploaded pictures still
  93 02:22:07 <nhaines> pleia2: thank you so much for compiling those reports!
  94 02:22:11 <pleia2> sure thing
  95 02:22:34 <nhaines> Ubuntu 15.04 will be released on Thursday, the 23rd.
  96 02:22:37 <pleia2> I also wanted to mention, I still have the keys to twitter, g+ and facebook, and I try to keep them updated with events and meeting announcements and things, but I could always use help if anyone is interested
  97 02:22:55 * ianorlin has key to Google+
  98 02:23:02 <pleia2> ianorlin: feel free to pitch in!
  99 02:23:29 <nhaines> I'm trying to start using my Twitter feed more, especially since it's linked to my Amazon Author Page.  But social media is hard for me.  :P
 100 02:23:40 <pleia2> it was kind of fun keeping them updated during scale since I wasn't there, but mostly it's kind of a tedious exercise
 101 02:24:41 <nhaines> I can see the recruitment posters now.  "Does tedium excite you?"
 102 02:24:41 <pleia2> seems unlikely that we'll have any release event in san francisco, even informal
 103 02:24:52 <pleia2> nhaines: I sure know how to sell it!
 104 02:25:00 <nhaines> :D
 105 02:25:06 <nhaines> vivid is a revolutionary cycle.
 106 02:25:14 <nhaines> Unfortunately, it's all under the covers.  :)
 107 02:25:14 <pleia2> systemd is scary :D
 108 02:25:32 <pleia2> should be interesting
 109 02:25:39 <nhaines> I've heard a lot of people happier with much faster boot times.  And the phone is looking marvelous.
 110 02:25:51 <nhaines> I rather enjoy using my tablet with vivid.
 111 02:26:53 <nhaines> And in the 'w' cycle, hopefully XMir will land and then you can throw desktop apps in a click package or chroot jail and run them on your phone or tablet.  It won't be pretty until the next LTS cycle but it will be feasible.
 112 02:27:10 <nhaines> I haven't heard of any solid release party plans down south either.
 113 02:28:06 <nhaines> Well, it's still not too late!  Release parties are quite often the weekend after or even a week after, so if you want to run a party and act fast you can still get in on the fun!
 114 02:28:24 <nhaines> It can be as simple as gathering at a coffee shop or a restaurant to talk about Ubuntu.
 115 02:29:22 <ianorlin> it doesn't matter much to an end user
 116 02:29:24 <nhaines> We want to hear about it on the mailing list and on the LoCo directory at loco.ubuntu.com!
 117 02:30:09 <nhaines> I have a little bit of swag to pass out so if your in the SoCal area and have something planned let me know.  I have one Official Ubuntu Book left.
 118 02:30:32 <nhaines> Okay, is there any other business before us before we wrap it up?
 119 02:30:38 <pleia2> same goes for here, if anyone wants to do anything in SF or nearby, I can give some goodies
 120 02:30:46 <pleia2> I'm just overwhelmed event-wise right now, so I can't do it
 121 02:30:50 <nhaines> pleia2: +1
 122 02:32:06 <nhaines> Okay, in that case, I think we're done for this week.
 123 02:32:15 <nhaines> I've been running vivid for a month now and it's super great!
 124 02:32:21 <pleia2> yay :)
 125 02:32:32 <ianorlin> I also found an interesting confence in portland
 126 02:32:33 <nhaines> So 15.04 should be nice and reliable, and LibreOffice 4.4 is very lovely.
 127 02:32:56 <nhaines> We've plenty to be excited about even if it "seems" quiet on the Ubuntu front.
 128 02:33:05 * ianorlin has been binge watching presentations from open source bridge
 129 02:33:22 <nhaines> Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, May 3rd at 7pm.
 130 02:33:40 <nhaines> Hope to see everyone there!
 131 02:33:47 <nhaines> Thanks every for coming tonight.
 132 02:33:49 <nhaines> #endmeeting

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