Sunday, March 22nd, 2015, 7:00pm (1900) PT

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   1 02:05:44 <elky> #startmeeting
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   5 02:05:56 <elky> #chair ianorlin elky nhaines
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   7 02:06:33 <pleia2> o/
   8 02:06:42 <elky> the agenda is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15March22
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  10 02:06:46 <elky> which is empty
  11 02:06:47 <lrcaballero> 0/
  12 02:06:59 <elky> so i guess we got straight to any other business?
  13 02:07:06 <ianorlin> #topic any other business
  14 02:07:25 <pleia2> according to the release schedule https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/ReleaseSchedule April 23rd is the release date for Vivid
  15 02:07:25 <darthrobot> Title: [VividVervet/ReleaseSchedule - Ubuntu Wiki]
  16 02:07:41 <pleia2> unfortunately I can't make the time right now to do anything for the bay area :\
  17 02:07:51 <pleia2> so if anyone else is interested in stepping up, please do
  18 02:08:34 <elky> last one was basically just crunched in to a monthly ubuntu hour wasn't it?
  19 02:08:36 <ianorlin> nhianes maybe try something for LA ara
  20 02:08:49 <pleia2> I'll likely also be canceling the Ubuntu Hour on April 8th because I'm getting back from a trip right before then, so if someone else wants to run it, that'd be great, I'll also reach out to Michael Paoli, who has subbed in the past
  21 02:08:55 <pleia2> re: San Francisco
  22 02:09:08 <lrcaballero> I will get a hold of Phil here in San Diego and see if do something at Starbucks...
  23 02:09:26 <lrcaballero> for the release that is....
  24 02:09:41 <pleia2> elky: there was a proper release party at Mozilla last cycle, but I wasn't around and it wasn't very well promoted :\
  25 02:09:52 <pleia2> lrcaballero: great :)
  26 02:10:15 <elky> pleia2: ah. actually i do recall that yes
  27 02:10:35 <pleia2> and there was also supposed to be a presented, but they pulled out last minute
  28 02:10:39 <pleia2> all kind of a mess really
  29 02:10:45 <pleia2> s/presented/presenter
  30 02:10:52 <pleia2> I don't remember the details about that
  31 02:11:13 <pleia2> anyway, it would be lovely to have a more successful one :)
  32 02:11:51 <pleia2> I think that's all I've got
  33 02:12:24 <elky> did you go to the eps memorial thing or were you out of town?
  34 02:12:39 <pleia2> I did, DonkeyHotei was also there
  35 02:12:46 <pleia2> it was very nice, good pizza, good company :)
  36 02:14:26 <DonkeyHotei> i just wish i hadn't been sick
  37 02:14:54 <ianorlin> I don't think anyone likes being sick
  38 02:15:15 <DonkeyHotei> hopefully no one caught it
  39 02:15:29 * pleia2 feels good
  40 02:19:14 <pleia2> so... anything else?
  41 02:19:42 <elky> not from me
  42 02:20:05 <elky> looks like nhaines couldn't break away from his lucrative babysitting gig
  43 02:20:35 <lrcaballero> Thank you guys....I will see you next time :-D
  44 02:20:52 <lrcaballero> Good Night!
  45 02:21:00 <elky> thanks for coming along
  46 02:21:32 <pleia2> night all
  47 02:21:41 <elky> DonkeyHotei: ianorlin: nothing from either of you i assume?
  48 02:22:57 <DonkeyHotei> well, we could discuss meeting cancellation procedures, but that's best put on the next agenda
  49 02:23:10 <elky> indeed
  50 02:25:06 <elky> ok well i guess i'll close out
  51 02:25:18 <elky> #endmeeting

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