Sunday, November 1st, 2015, 7:00pm (1900) PT


  1. Upcoming events
  2. Announcements
    1. Ubuntu California leadership nominations begin on November 15th.

Our meetings are held every other Sunday at 7:00pm (19:00) PT / 03:00 UTC in our IRC channel, #ubuntu-us-ca on freenode. All interested people are welcome to join us. For questions or help connecting, check out the InternetRelayChat page or use the Web client linked from the Contact page.

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   5  03:00:53 <nhaines> Well, it's meeting time again tonight!
   6  03:01:02 <nhaines> Tonight's agenda is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15November01
   7  03:01:03 <darthrobot> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15November01 - Ubuntu Wiki]
   8  03:01:06 <nhaines> Who's around for the meeting?  :)
   9  03:03:55 <jbermudes> Hello :)
  10  03:04:03 <nhaines> o hai!
  11  03:04:15 <nhaines> Okay, I guess we'll hold the metting after all.  :)
  12  03:04:21 <nhaines> #topic Upcoming events
  13  03:04:33 <nhaines> New things might be happening and this is where you get to say them!
  14  03:04:57 <DonkeyHotei> are there any?
  15  03:05:07 <nhaines> Ubuntu Online Summit starts on Saturday.
  16  03:05:16 <nhaines> http://summit.ubuntu.com/
  17  03:05:16 <darthrobot> Title: [Home | The Summit Scheduler]
  18  03:05:27 <DonkeyHotei> is that what replaced uds?
  19  03:05:29 <nhaines> Or more specifically, http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1511/
  20  03:05:29 <darthrobot> Title: [UOS November 2015 03 Nov - 05 Nov 2015 | The Summit Scheduler]
  21  03:05:36 <nhaines> Yes.
  22  03:06:03 <nhaines> I'll be hosting a session on Tuesday to gather ideas for the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase for xenial.
  23  03:06:22 <nhaines> And we'll be holding our weekly Ubucon Summit planning talk in public on Wednesday.
  24  03:07:11 <nhaines> Meanwhile, SGVLUG is having a 20th anniversary celebration on November 14th, and everyone's invited.
  25  03:07:27 <nhaines> jbermudes: any information about that?
  26  03:07:43 <jbermudes> Yup! Please RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sgvlug-20th-anniversary-party-tickets-18956875525 so we can know how much food to get
  27  03:07:44 <darthrobot> Title: [SGVLUG 20th Anniversary Party Tickets, Pasadena | Eventbrite]
  28  03:08:18 <jbermudes> There's going to be food, games, prizes, and a look back at the things we've done as a community over the past 20 years
  29  03:09:26 <nhaines> Pretty awesome.  We sent DVDs and a conference pack over.
  30  03:09:28 <jbermudes> Ever since nhaines and Flannel gave a talk there a few years ago there's been a growing number of Ubuntu users there and have even spun off an Ubuntu Hour that meets before each LUG meeting, so Ubuntu is a star in that community, which is why you're all invited :)
  31  03:10:37 <nhaines> And the Ubuntu Hour crowd there is a lot of fun.  I was glad I drove out to Pasadena early last time before my talk.
  32  03:11:08 <nhaines> #topic Announcements
  33  03:11:23 <nhaines> It's about time to start thinking about holding LoCo leadership elections again.
  34  03:11:57 <nhaines> I plan to open the nomination period starting on November 15th, and then after two weeks we'll vote.
  35  03:13:07 <DonkeyHotei> it's been a light year for the loco
  36  03:14:15 <nhaines> Are there any other announcements?
  37  03:17:24 <nhaines> #topic Agenda items
  38  03:17:38 <nhaines> There are no items on this meeting's agenda.
  39  03:17:42 <nhaines> #topic Other business
  40  03:17:50 <nhaines> Anything else before we wrap things up tonight?
  41  03:18:47 <DonkeyHotei> have there been announcements about the convergence device?
  42  03:18:53 <nhaines> No.
  43  03:22:29 <nhaines> Okay our next meeting is November 15th!  I'll see you all there!
  44  03:22:31 <nhaines> #endmeeting

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