Sunday, May 28th, 2017, 7:00pm (1900) PT


  1. Upcoming events
  2. Announcements
    1. Leadership amendment poll results

Our meetings are held every other Sunday at 7:00pm (19:00) PT / 03:00 UTC in our IRC channel, #ubuntu-us-ca on freenode. All interested people are welcome to join us. For questions or help connecting, check out the InternetRelayChat page or use the Web client linked from the Contact page.

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   4  02:02:42 <nhaines> Thank you for joining us for the May 28th Ubuntu California meeting!
   5  02:02:55 <nhaines> Tonight's agenda can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/17May28
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   7  02:03:10 <nhaines> #topic Upcoming events
   8  02:03:27 <nhaines> Is there anything to look forward to in June?
   9  02:03:36 <dax> end of the school year
  10  02:03:42 <nhaines> That can be one thing!
  11  02:04:36 <nhaines> My friends' kids got out of school last week, but the one I'm affected by is still in school until the 23rd!
  12  02:05:03 <nhaines> Well, with school ending and summer starting, it's a great time to plan get togethers once vacations and all that settle down, so keep that in mind.
  13  02:05:10 <nhaines> #topic Announcements
  14  02:06:03 <nhaines> Our vote to amend the LoCo's leadership document has concluded, and the results are available here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-california/+poll/2017-leadership-amendment
  15  02:06:03 <darthrobot> Title: [Ratification of the 2017 leadership document amendment : “Ubuntu California” team]
  16  02:06:30 <dax> a shocking result
  17  02:07:09 <nhaines> The amendments are thus ratified by a vote of 8 to 1, and will be encorporated in the leadership document after the meeting, available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Leadership
  18  02:07:09 <darthrobot> Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Leadership - Ubuntu Wiki]
  19  02:08:39 <nhaines> We can always improve things further, so anyone should feel welcome to bring up any suggestions on the mailing list.
  20  02:08:48 <nhaines> Are there any other announements for this meeting?
  21  02:10:25 <nhaines> Okay, with the new leadership document in place, I'll work with lynorian and pleia2 to organize a new call for nominations so we can get our election process started up again.
  22  02:11:10 <nhaines> Oh!  Announcement: the Ubuntu 17.10 Free Culture Showcase is going to run from June 1st to June 30th, so if you're a photographer, start thinking about nice Ubuntu background images.  :)
  23  02:11:50 <nhaines> Details can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase and that will be updated on the 1st, along with an announcement on planet.ubuntu.com.
  24  02:11:50 <darthrobot> Title: [UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase - Ubuntu Wiki]
  25  02:11:59 <nhaines> #topic Agenda
  26  02:12:04 <nhaines> There is no agenda for this meeting.
  27  02:12:09 <nhaines> #topic Other business
  28  02:12:17 <nhaines> Is there any other business before we end the meeting?
  29  02:14:52 <nhaines> Okay, our next meeting is scheduled for June 11th.  I'll be traveling that night and won't be able to make it, so I'll see you all in a month!
  30  02:14:55 <nhaines> #endmeeting

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