Sunday, May 6th, 2018, 7:00pm (1900) PT


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   4  02:01:43 <nhaines> Welcome to the Ubuntu California meeting for May 6th, 2018!
   5  02:01:54 <metalbiker> here, here
   6  02:01:56 <nhaines> Tonight's agenda is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/18May06
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   8  02:02:32 <nhaines> The agenda is empty and I just flew back in from Spain, so we don't have a lot planned, but I wanted to just touch on a couple of things.
   9  02:02:42 <metalbiker> cool!
  10  02:02:42 <nhaines> #topic Upcoming Events
  11  02:02:54 <nhaines> Anything cool coming up soon?
  12  02:03:39 <metalbiker> nothing from my side of the desert. lol i've got a few things brewing but i'm waiting to have it all together before announcign
  13  02:03:45 <metalbiker> oops..announcing
  14  02:03:51 <metalbiker> and i'll do that over the mailing list.
  15  02:03:54 <nhaines> That sounds like a good idea.  :)  Let us know on the mailing list if you need any help.
  16  02:04:15 <metalbiker> ok, cool.
  17  02:04:23 <nhaines> #topic Announcements
  18  02:04:36 <nhaines> Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is released, and it's pretty swell.
  19  02:04:43 <metalbiker> i agree!
  20  02:05:00 <metalbiker> i'm using kubuntu 18.04 and i'm blown away
  21  02:05:20 <nhaines> If you still like Unity, upgrades include it, and new installs can add it by running `sudo apt install unity-session` in a terminal.  Select it from the login screen with the gear icon after choosing your user.
  22  02:05:40 <nhaines> Otherwise, it's new versions of everything and there are even some snaps preinstalled by default!
  23  02:06:18 <nhaines> The desktop should be reliable enough, but this should be a fun release to build servers on soon.  :)
  24  02:07:03 <metalbiker> oh yeah! i agree! that's part of my new focus but like i mentioned, i'll announce more on the list.
  25  02:07:17 <nhaines> This will also be an excellent release to host installfests on, because the new GNOME Shell interface lends itself to answering lots of questions.
  26  02:07:24 <nhaines> metalbiker: I look forward to hearing more.  :)
  27  02:07:35 <nhaines> #topic Agenda
  28  02:07:39 <nhaines> There is no agenda for tonight's meeting.
  29  02:07:43 <nhaines> #topic Other business
  30  02:08:02 <nhaines> It's quiet in here tonight.  Is there any other business before we wrap things up?
  31  02:08:42 <metalbiker> nothing from me, nathan.
  32  02:10:01 <nhaines> I'll mention for the record that UbuCon Europe was a huge success, the Ubuntu Europe Federation is a collection of LoCo teams looking to share knowledge and experience in event planning and handle venue issues such as insurance and donations, and Gijón and Asturias are really pretty, even when it's raining.  (And the rest of Spain looked gorgeous from 32,000 feet.)
  33  02:10:30 <nhaines> Also, I managed to pack the cider I brought back properly so that it didn't shatter and destroy all my clothes, so that was a plus.
  34  02:10:34 <metalbiker> lol wow!! i'm envious!!
  35  02:11:11 <nhaines> You say that, but you didn't get dragged on a four-hour bike ride and then four days later a six and a half-hour hike to the top of a mountain, lol.
  36  02:11:16 <metalbiker> hopefully we can learn from UbuCon about our own planning and whatnot
  37  02:11:40 <metalbiker> oh jeez!!
  38  02:11:58 <metalbiker> i think i'd be jello after all that! lol
  39  02:12:20 <nhaines> The UbuCon Europe teams went to SCALE two years ago to learn from us, and then the first event later that year was a huge success.  This third event continues that trend.  :)
  40  02:12:22 <metalbiker> think of it like this: you climbed Mt. Ubuntu!
  41  02:12:54 <metalbiker> oh nice! so they got it from SCALE! nice!
  42  02:13:00 <nhaines> More in the obligatory blog post, since Ubuntu community donation funds paid for my travel expenses.  :)
  43  02:13:22 <nhaines> But yeah, we're all working together in little ways to help make things easier.
  44  02:13:40 <nhaines> That's it for this meeting!  Next meeting is May 20th!
  45  02:13:43 <nhaines> #endmeeting

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