Approval Application for Cameroonian Team (ubuntu-cm)

The Ubuntu-cm LoCo is a group of open source enthusiasts guys who want to share their knowledge in their area. We want to make aware others that open source software are reliable enough for their daily life usage. When it will be possible, we will provide efficient tools for their local users.

We organised online meetings and attend to some events when possible.

In small groups spread around Cameroon we use to organise small gathering and talks on various topics about free software and Ubuntu.

The approval will give to the team a better visibility in the young cameroonian IT environment.

Key Details

  • Date - July, 2009

  • Team Contact - septox <>

  • Membership - 86 as of 10th February 2011 on Launchpad

  • Mailing List - ubuntu-cm on

  • IRC - #ubuntu-cm on Freenode


  • Our active projects . For example :

    • The journal : Aventure Libre . A digital newspaper created on March 2009 which we try to release as soon as possible

      • the team presents the latests news related to open source in general and in Cameroon in particular.
      • In each edition we discuss of various topics such as Women participation in open source community.

      • On Aventure Libre 4 we have invited nizarus of Tunisian locoTeam to write the editorial

    • The Goethe institut in Cameroon is working with some guys on localization projects

  • We will find ways to create an official Association in order to have a better recognition by cameroon officials and various partners

  • We will continue to work on AddonCD - Creation of a custom CD with useful packages for those of us who do not have internet connectivity.

  • Get Ubuntu: some members or associations are offering Debian/Ubuntu packages through their resources (mirrors,CDs) .

  • Continue with the classroom on IRC

  • Push more contents on ; a community server provided by 24LABS



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