Joining an Ubuntu LoCo Team

There are a huge number of Ubuntu LoCo teams scattered around the world, and there is sure to be a group near you. Before you take the plunge, you may want to know what to expect from a LoCo group. Do you need to apply to be a member? Do you need to pay anything? Do you need to contribute a certain amount of time every day? Lets try and answer your questions. Smile :)

First of all: LoCo teams are open to everybody. You can be sure to meet great friends there and have a lot of fun. Don't hesitate, you'll enjoy it immensely. LoCo teams vary dramatically in their interests, activities and goals for the group. Some groups are committed to spreading the word of Ubuntu and advocating its use, whereas some teams only want to provide translations for Ubuntu in their language. Other groups may want to provide support, particularly if that support is for a non-English language. Whatever the direction of the group, the majority of teams are eager to expand what they do, and if they don't do what you want, maybe you can help them move in that direction?

Finding a LoCo Team near you

To find a team to join, take a look at the List Of Teams and see if there is one in your area. Remember that teams are often based around a country or state, so although there may be a team specifically in your area, the team for your country or state is the team you should join.

To join the team, simply join the team's mailing list or IRC channel and say you would like to get involved. You are sure to get a warm welcome by the team and you are all set to go. There is no payment or initiation to go through, just talking and being with the team is considered being a member! Smile :)

If there's no team yet

There's no team in your country/state/city yet? You like to pioneer a fun and enjoyable atmosphere? EXCELLENT!

Check out LoCoTeamHowto - it contains a lot of useful information to start a team and get people involved. Talk to other LoCo team members, talk to other LoCoTeamContacts to find ways of collaboration and try to learn from other examples.

We welcome everybody who likes Ubuntu and wants to make the world a better place. Start today!


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