Jaunty Release Party


Some documents related to the Release :




  • Organisators: Ubuntu-cm and Geulic

    • Contacts: Christian, Brice

  • Place: ISTDI

  • Date: 25th april 2009 from 9 AM to 1 PM

  • Activities:

    • Presentations :
      • From GNU, Linux to JauntyJackalope

      • Scientific applications in Ubuntu
      • The ubuntu cameroon community: goals, communication tools
    • Practical sessions : installations, advices, etc
    • Quizz and CD distribution
  • Ressources: video-projector, computer lab, amphitheatre.


  • Organisators: Ubuntu-cm & LUG, Linux friends

  • Place: Sokolo (in front of aminatou square)

  • Date: 29th Avril 2009

  • Activities:

    • General overview of Ubuntu and JauntyJackalope

    • Installation of Ubuntu 8.10 and Debian Lenny 5 for visitors

    • Awards distribution to outstanding students of Linux Friends

  • Ressources:Michel will set a list of needed equipments; guys in Douala will collect these items before going to Limbe.


(to confirm)

Abroad (out of Cameroon)


Extraordinary meeting

The 26th March 2009 an extraordinary meeting has been held. To note :

  • Septox will address a letter to the director of ISTDI [DONE]
  • The 25th april will certainly be kept for the release in this school
  • Concerning the release, we will distribute Ubuntu 8.10 CD with latests updates. We'll install JauntyJackalope during the release party.

  • Michel has confirmed for limbe ; release party will be held the 29th of April 2009
  • No confirmation from Yaounde

Check the meeting log for the full conversation.

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