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The meeting was called to order at Sun May 16 00:00:19 2010

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Chair: dscassel

Agenda: Introductions, What is a LoCo, Events, Website


Users introduced themselves and talked about what they are doing with Ubuntu and what they hope to do with the community. Attendees expressed interest in doing more development and advocacy work.

What is a LoCo

dscassel related that txwikinger had spoken to community representatives at the Lucid UDS. The idea of a LoCo is to have one umbrella group for the country and set up individual chapters in cities. dscassel encouraged chapters to communicate with the Canadian LoCo to share ideas and foster community with other chapters.


dscassel outlined three different events that people can take part in: Ubuntu Hour, Jams and release parties.

Ubuntu Hour is an informal event where people meet in a public location with the Ubuntu logo on display and engage with the public.

Ubuntu Jams are events where people meet to collaborate on improving Ubuntu, whether it be fixing bugs, packaging, documentation, translation, or testing.

Release parties are events where people get together to celebrate the release of a new version of Ubuntu.

hypatia set up a Google Calendar for the purpose of organizing events, located here: http://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=mll58frmllrllfksgd12t3h7cs%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America/New_York

Web Site

The current web site is not meeting the LoCo's needs because of issues with not being able to edit the theme due to security restrictions on Canonical's servers. The idea of hosting the site elsewhere was discussed. Concerns were raised about having the site be under the control of a single person. It was decided that regular backups of the content should be taken and that the domain should remain under Canonical's control in the event the LoCo loses control over the site. dscassel offered to follow up with txwikinger about creating a proposal to have the site hosted elsewhere.

tm0 expressed a desire to create an Ubuntu Canada discussion forum. dscassel replied that the LoCo contact just needs to send a request for it to be created.

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