Gusty Gibbon Toronto Release Party

We had the party, and it was GREAT. We were able to see the new compiz desktop and the CUBE. Here are some pictures from the event.



Kim's great enthusiasm for Ubuntu was evident throughout our party!

Kim, Glady and Bob



Bob and Andrew (busy spinning the cube)

Bob and Andrew

Some of this information is subject to change.

  • Date: 3 November, 2007

  • Location: linuxcaffe

  • Time: Suggested for 3PM


  1. Introductions and then each person gets to tell us about themselves and their Ubuntu experience.
  2. Talk #1
  3. Talk #2
  4. Conclusions and then coffee/snacks


There will be copies of Ubuntu and Kubuntu CDs for those interested. If you'd like to get a copy, please add your name to the list below.

  • Andrew

Current list of attendees

Please put your name in this space if you are interested in attending this release party. The more the merrier!

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