February 7th, 2007


  • Marketing Campaigns
    • Operation Cold Comfort Report
    • Operation Multiple Sightings
  • Marketing Strategies and Tactics
  • Ubuntu Toronto Instant Campaign Kit
  • Ubuntu Within the Greater Linux Community
  • Software Freedom Day
  • Support Discussion


  • In attendance:
  • Marketing Campaigns
    • Possible Places to Promote
      • HAM Radio Fest
      • March 31st in Brampton, $20-$25 for a table
      • IT360 / Linux World
      • Big Tux on Talk Like A Pirate Day
      • Ottawa Linux Symposium
      • Beaches International Jazz Fest
    • Smaller quotes for back of "I Am Ubuntu" t-shirt
    • Operation Multiple Sightings
      • penguinsightings.ca
    • Cross-country Road Trip Promotional Campaign
  • Software Freedom Day
    • Include GTALUG and greater Canadian Linux community
    • Various options for free space, 75-150 person capacity
    • High-profile event, multiple sightings leading up to event, demos, raising awareness of FOSS and FOSS philosophy, handing out CDs and flyers
  • Target community centers and smaller NPOs

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