January 10th, 2007


  • Structure, Governance, Roles
  • Ojibwe translation (Ralph/Myles)
  • Demo Day project (David Patrick)
  • Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference
  • Recruiting the new user (Kim)


Kim King came prepared with a small presentation on what he thinks is wrong with how we approach and try to appeal to the newbie user. His solution: a small, 20 page handbook on how to install and get started with Ubuntu. Attendees of the meeting seemed to be in consensus that this was exactly what we need before we begin pushing CDs out at the general public.

After much discussion regarding the Install Fest project, we decided that it is too big of an event at the moment, and that focusing our efforts on Kim's "Getting Started" Guide would be a more prudent course of action. Once the handbook/guide/pamphlet is produced, we can then proceed with projects such as Retail Demo Days, where we can sell the guide and a CD for a nominal fee, thus the user will feel that they have invested in something.

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