January 24th, 2007


  • Presentation of the draft of New to Ubuntu Handbook 1.0 (Kim)

  • "I Am Ubuntu" Campaign (David Patrick)
  • Support Discussion


  • New to Ubuntu Handbook
    • Trim down information into blocks
    • Remove POP/SMTP values and leave field names
    • Provide small sentence about ISP documentation (refer to manual)
    • ISP-specific information for a given municipality on a wiki
    • Table for e-mail information with space to put in information
    • Dual-boot section ahead of Clean Install
    • Creative Commons license
    • Utilize the CD insert for introduction/where to go for help information, and remove it from the installation guide
    • A paragraph about using an old machine for Ubuntu
    • Maybe change Pentium 1 requirement to Pentium 2
    • Recommended for Pentium 2, requires more advanced knowledge for lower specs
    • Two double-sided pages: first page is introduction, history of free software, history of Linux, Ubuntu. Second page is the installation guidebook.
    • Bi-monthly "open support day" (hardware provided)
    • monthly workshops at linuxcaffe
    • Use Legal paper size instead of Letter
    • Table of associated terminology (further documentation)
  • Pilot project testing out offering end-user online support
  • "I Am Ubuntu" campaign ties into other projects, such as Software Freedom Day, open support days, etc.

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