November 29th, 2006


  • discussion
  • Ubuntu Video project
  • Vista launch party publicity stunt (Andrew Hunter)
    • David Patrick is the head organizer of our event, so lets not forget to include him
  • Promoting Ubuntu
    • local computer shops
    • end users
  • Ojibwe translation discussion
  • Planning an intro to MOTUing (Andrew Hunter)

Meeting Notes

  • Promoting Ubuntu
    • We should recruit existing users first to help in spreading the word to new users
    • March Break Install Fest
    • Back-to-school Event in August, OR
    • Software Freedom Day in September
    • Targeting politically-minded teenagers (alternative schools) for recruitment and promotion
    • Possibly teaming up with organizations who recycle computers, we could install Ubuntu on them and donate them or sell them at a low cost to people who can't afford a new computer
    • Should be a recruitment/information site
    • Should be a tool to bring in new and existing users
  • Vista launch party
    • Being held at Toronto Congress Centre, near the airport
    • It was more or less decided that the venue prohibits this project.
  • Ubuntu Video
    • Because this is a special-interest project, it was decided that it should be discussed and developed separately, but keep the core team informed of the progress so that everyone can toss ideas in.
  • Other Items of Interest
    • Structure and Roles
      • It was decided that people tend to work better when there is a visible organized structure.
      • This will be discussed in further detail at the next meeting.
      • Dave will work on a strategic plan for the upcoming year
      • Separating Tasks
        • Organized meetings will continue bi-weekly on Wednesdays, the focus of which will be the teams goals.
        • Monthly workshops will continue on the first Saturday of every month, to educate new users.
        • Ubuntu Video will be a separate, special-interest project.
        • A purely social gathering could also be organized, or could be coupled with the monthly workshops.

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