On 27 May 2012 a small group of Ubuntu Enthusiasts met at Linuxcaffe to distribute Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin CDs.

Arrived safely @linuxcaffe. With Gord Campbell, Sammy Lao, Larry and Bob Jonkman, geeking out over Ubuntu and !Linux

Sammy, Gord, Larry.jpg

Ubuntu Toronto - Gord Campbell, Larry, Bob Jonkman.jpg

Our little stack of disks attracted all the right attention:

Ubuntu Toronto disks.jpg

Giving away !Ubuntu 12.04 disks to complete strangers. Yay! #spreadingtheword @linuxcaffe !ubuntuca #ubuntuhour

Since Linuxcaffe no longer keeps a supply of Linux distributions, the CDs are now housed at FreeGeekToronto, where Sammy and the gang will be pleased to give you one.

(but I did leave a small handful of CDs on the Linuxcaffe counter - hurry, before they're all gone!)


Pictures by SammyLao and BobJonkman

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