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There are many, many, many! ways to learn about Ubuntu, Linux, Ubuntu's other 'flavours', our organization, FOSS/FLOSS, and all the other learning opportunities under the sun. A core concept to education is that different people have different learning styles, so we do our best to provide as many learning mechanisms as possible to match those different learning styles. We're here to help new users, so if you prefer to meet in a tutorial-style group, you're invited to our Workshops/Q&A sessions below. You can also get individual live help at the various irc channels from your home (our channel is called #ubuntu-ca, others are #ubuntu, #kubuntu...) join the ubuntu-ca mailing list, pop into the caffe and read the collection of books and laptops that have been assembled, or come to any of the other events, meetings, socials, etc. There's even the possibility of you allowing an experienced Ubuntu user to securely 'ssh' into your PC to control it while you watch from the comfort of your home, but of course this is someone you should already know and trust. Finally, there's always lots of online documentation via the web and other public libraries. Getting authoritative, up-to-date answers that fit with your context is always the challenge, be it about Ubuntu or anything else.

New 2 Ubuntu Workshop Fri, 11/24/2006 - 11:11 dave

In association with linuxcaffe, I will be hosting an Ubuntu workshop for new users on Saturday, December 2nd from 5PM to 7PM. The topics covered will depend on input from attendees, so if you've heard of Ubuntu or have just installed it and are not sure where to go from here, go on and sign up for the workshop by going here and leaving a comment regarding your experiences with Ubuntu/Linux, and a few suggestions for topics you'd like to see discussed at the workshop.

Hope to see you there!- Dave


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