Privacy & Security

We will never sell, rent, or share your data with third parties unless required to by law, and that's highly unlikely. Your data is yours, period. We only collect the minimum amount we need to give service to you, like an valid email address, we don't necessarily store other information you give us anywhere, and you can always see and edit the information we do have on you. Even statistical information is something the volunteers here don't have the time or inclination to collect at this time.

With these promises and this document, we are showing that we are aware of a little-known privacy law called PIPEDA, and are taking steps to ensure your protection(s). It's not required of all nonprofits, but we want to provide it, and so the most basic, fundamental requirements are already met.

In fact, we want to be able to help you protect your data, your web traffic, and all other forms of communication you may want to engage in. That's one of the many things Linux is all about. Security is built in to the point where it can often be a bit annoying to new users who are migrating from commercial operating systems, but fear not—you do get used to it (probably even learn to appreciate it), and Linux is the most customizable environment available. Ubuntu itself was started by a world-famous security expert, someone who still works alongside the developers, so you can imagine the high priority level security features have...


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