Projects Currently Underway

Ubuntu Video – For the budding filmakers, actors, scriptwriters, camera geeks...Still in its infancy, anyone who's interested should talk to Andrew Hunter

First Nations translations – This is a project initiated by Myles Braithwaite & ? (First Nations partners) Budding programmers or anyone conversant with these languages & culture may be be interested in helping with this, and some Canadian Aboriginal symbols are already present in Ubuntu's character map.

Demo Days – This should be fun for the actors or stunts-oriented marketeers amongst us all. This was our host's idea, David J.Patrick, but you should really call or come out to hear more details because we don't want to let the cat out of the bag until we have a firm date to start it

March Break Installfest – Installfests are pretty common events for the Linux world. Basically people bring in their PC's and we install/configure a new Operating System (in this case Ubuntu or any of its other variations) for free. Yes, we make very sure your data and current OS doesn't get wiped out (unless you want to get rid of the 'other' OS; when you leave you will probably be happily ready to start dual-booting and/or learning to enjoy Ubuntu. (We could probably really use the assistance of an event planner and/or fundraisers for this one, although there is already a howto for these installfests; marketing material is already done or in-process)

The New to Ubuntu Handbook, a working group of Ubuntu Toronto

  • During the meeting 10 January 2007 Kim King agreed to take the lead on creating a handbook to be included with new Ubuntu Cds as part of an installation kit. The language should be understandable to anyone who has some previous computer user experience but not necessarily Linux experience.

The ideal format would be the liner notes from a music CD. (12 cm. by 12 cm.) If we go with a liner note booklet format the size is limited but there has been a recent suggestion that we can keep everything on one letter sized piece of paper printed on both sides

A single letter size page CD liner note for installing and setting up Ubuntu. It could be folded and inserted into a paper CD jacket that could be taped to the cardboard sleeve that Ubuntu 6.06 LTS discs come in. The two sided printing and using the paper sleeve is envionmentally friendly and can be done in-house without contracting out. The size restrictions will prove a challenge but it is nothing that cannot be overcome.

Once this project is completed it will be made freely available to anyone who wants to use the document to print up their own booklets with new Cds.

The request went out on the Ubuntu-ca Digest and the working group is rapidly taking shape. There are volunteers from across Canada, not just Toronto. The working group may be getting a break for Fabian Rodriguez. Fabian joined Canonical as a senior support analyst in Montreal in November 2006. He is translating a document that he has and it could reduce our work substantially.

Progress reports will be posted here


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