Welcome to the new and improved ubuntutoronto.org! This website will hopefully become the focal point for everything that is Ubuntu Toronto. To begin, we wish to be clear about our Vision, Values, and Mission, as it is far too easy to get them confused!

  • Vision: We see a day when everyone will be able to freely choose how to communicate, learn, associate, share and use the best-quality tools that are available for the enhancement of a productive life, regardless of the many barriers that currently divide us.

    Values: Freedom, democracy, volunteerism, social justice, transparency, pluralism, the basics of life, art, coffee and chocolate. We like to say, "Our values are food for the soul". We crave the sweetness of strong choices.

    Mission: We support foodstuffs for the body and soul by reducing the barriers currently imposed by the widespread use of mainstream technologies. By providing real, quality-driven alternatives, we free up resources for other social and human needs; by supporting individuals we build a community.

To delve deeper into how we go from these ideals to practical action, or how we may be able to help you, keep browsing amongst our other pages or add us to your RSS feed!

Don't forget: Next meeting: : Wednesday, January 24th, 2007 @ 6:30pm at the [WWW] linuxcaffe.


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