Local? Need Help? You've come to the right place.

Ubuntu Vancouver strives to offer support to residents of Vancouver (and surrounding areas) who are having difficulties with Ubuntu. Support is volunteer-based, best-effort, and without warranty. Having said that, we care. We endeavour to bring the best Ubuntu experience and community-based customer service to everyone that needs our help.

A few ways we do this, some of which are futures:

In Person

We host a Rescue Centre at most monthly General Meetings. Ubuntu Vancouver Members are on-hand in a specially designated area of our meeting space to assist you with basic Ubuntu questions and support. Come to a monthly General Meeting by RSVP'ing here:

We host SupportSaturdays at regular times, on Saturdays, in a central transit-accessible neighbourhood. Sessions are normally open to all of Vancouver without prejudice and without charge. Support is volunteer-based, best-effort, and without warranty. Need help? Join our group and register for an upcoming SupportSaturday. Register at:

Online Forums

We have members that provide support on the official Ubuntu Answers site. To get support from us there, please go to the following URL:

A couple of things you will need:

  1. A Launchpad account (sign up is easy and free). You will be asked to sign up when you click the link above.
  2. A keyword that alerts us that you are part of our community. Please put the word "Vancouver" in your question. A good way to do this is to say "Hi, I'm from Vancouver" or "Greetings from Vancouver", or just put the word Vancouver at the bottom of the question. (Please note that anyone in the world may offer you support there, not only us!)

Online Chat

We now have an online support channel on Internet-Relay-Chat (IRC). Staffed by volunteers, this augments our local technical (and other) support/advice for Ubuntu in Vancouver. The name of the channel is ##ubuntu-yvr-support, and it is on the Freenode network.

  1. Launch an IRC chat client (like Pidgin or X-Chat)
  2. Connect to the Freenode network (
  3. Supply a userid, no password required
  4. Join the channel: ##ubuntu-yvr-support

(Note: This is staffed on a purely voluntary basis. If someone is there, say hi. If you are alone, just hang out... people drop in and out of the channel.)

In Partnership

Several of our members also participate in "Windowless Wednesdays" at Free Geek Vancouver. Please Google Free Geek Windowless Wednesdays for more information, or consult their web page at

By Referral

Beyond our community-level support, the Canonical desktop support services (recently announced here are available for those in our community that require "premium" or more intensive support. (Ubuntu Vancouver is considering approaching Canonical for bulk (discount) pricing on professional support packages though no discussions are yet in-progress).


FUTURE: We are working to offer support to the local community using local Ubuntu talent, the telephone and screen-sharing. Please see our Remote Help page for more information.


Please email Randall <> for more information and to get involved in this support project.

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