Brainstorming & General Discussion II

Background (from the Meetup Announcement for this event)

This event will likely appeal to you if you're involved in Ubuntu Vancouver upcoming events, or want to be, or in planning and marketing Ubuntu in Vancouver. (NOTE: If you are looking for Ubuntu help or a new member looking for general introduction to the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo, then the General Meeting coming up on October 9th has a better format and meeting content for you.)

This session will revolve around Ubuntu Vancouver upcoming events. The format will be loosely-guided discussion and brainstorming. The aim is to develop ideas and plans for: our General Meeting, our party, our bug squish, support sessions, theme nights, more marketing blitz's, and lots of other good stuff in our future, continuing the discussion where we left off a week ago


Participants comments, our rating, attendance, and other information can be found at:

Randall prepared a mind-map of the discussion. Participants are encouraged to add any additional thoughts to this page.

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