What the %$*& is Ubuntu?

On Thursday Sept 3rd 2009, Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo hosted the first ever "Ubuntu Beginner Night". This event was designed to provide a practical showcase for Ubuntu in a non-intimidating and supportive setting. It was designed to provide a little bit of coaching and support to those who needed it. Thank you to everyone that came out and made this a success.

Short Summary of Meeting:

  • 14 people were in attendance
  • We had a brief presentation from Randall which is attached (PDF) here

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  • Several people brought systems that had various anomalies
  • We could have used more time to fix more issues, but overall we accomplished a lot

Ubuntu Beginner Night (The Original Promo)

  • Are you new to Ubuntu?
  • Do you know someone who is?
  • Are they skeptical?
  • Do you know someone who just never seems ready to try it?
  • Are they saving their money for "Windows 7" or "Mac Snow Leopard"? Yikes!

Members of the community are free to drop-in and talk to people who live and breathe Ubuntu everyday. Ubuntu Vancouver folks will be there to demonstrate 1-on-1 the many ways that Ubuntu is amazing!

Please RSVP here, and please bring the skeptical. (And, if you live and breathe Ubuntu, please come and help.)

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