Ubuntu Vancouver Meeting Announcement

(Our first one, yoo hoo!)


  • April 10, 2008 at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM


  • Free Geek
    1820 Pandora Street
    Please enter by the back door, off the alley.


  1. Welcome to Ubuntu Vancouver
  2. Introduction to Free Geek
  3. Announce Hardy Heron Release Party
  4. Discussion: What Ubuntu Vancouver can do for me.
  5. Closing Remarks

Thank you all! Please feel free to forward this announcement to anyone you feel would be interested in joining Ubuntu Vancouver and may not have already seen it.


  1. Welcome to Ubuntu Vancouver
    • Kim welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Ifny and Free Geek, not only for the meeting space, but also for the encouragement and assistance in organizing the group and the meeting.
  2. Introduction to Free Geek
    • Ifny gave a brief presentation about Free Geek, their reuse and recycling of used computers and commitment to a clean environment.
  3. Announce Hardy Heron Release Party
    • We had quite a lengthy and productive discussion regarding our plans for a Hardy Heron release party.
    • It was decided to hold the party on Friday, April 25 at Free Geek from 7:00 PM to 10 PM.
    • Kim will compose and circulate an invitation. Kim will collect RSVP replies to estimate how man people will attend the party.
    • Food (pizza, chips, fruit, vegetable platter) and drink (juice, pop, water) will be provided at the party.
    • Ifny volunteered the use of 6 computers for the party. These will be set up to demonstrate:
      • a clean install of Hardy Heron.
      • an update from Gutsy to Hardy.
      • new features of Hardy Heron.
      • a station to create Hardy Heron CDs for whoever wants one.
    • Other activities and entertainment.
  4. Peter Gordon gave a brief presentation about the Open Web Conference being held next Monday and Tuesday. And held a draw for three passes to the Conference. A value of $150 each! Thank you very much Peter.
  5. Discussion: What Ubuntu Vancouver can do for me.
    • Kim presented his vision of Ubuntu Vancouver being mostly an educational and advocate group for Ubuntu. The more experienced users would provide presentations and support for the newer Ubuntu users, who, in turn, would become experienced users. The group agreed generally, with the scope of the groups activities open for review and expansion as the group matured.
    • Ifny estimated that Free Geek sells or gives away about 50 computers running Ubuntu a month.
    • Kim to get Ubuntu Vancouver listed on the Canadian Team wiki page and employ all resources suppled by Canonical to LoCo teams.

  6. Closing Remarks
    • Group agreed to continue meeting the second Thursday of the month.
    • Next meeting May 8, 2008, at Free Geek, 7:00 to 9:00 PM.
    • Topic of meeting to be decided.

Kim Kulak

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