Ubuntu Vancouver: Monthly General Meeting (September 2009)

Meeting adjourned! Thank you to everyone that attended. Presenters: Please upload your materials and summaries (if applicable).

Short summary

  • 33 people attended
  • Everyone who attended received a "Welcome Packet" including 3 buzz cards, a window decal, and an Ubuntu sticker
  • We socialized, mingled, & greeted each other before the main presentation started

  • Randall Ross opened the meeting, thanking Scott for graciously providing the meeting venue
  • Kim Kulak welcomed new members. Each new member received a "Powered by Ubuntu" sticker for their computer
  • Randall gave a presentation on "Evangelism Advocacy & Marketing", covering the challenges faced by Ubuntu in light of recent FUD campaigns, human nature, and other issues

  • Randall presented "New and Newsworthy in Ubuntuland" highlighting Ubuntu devices
  • Eric Hedekar presented: Editing your Home Movies in Ubuntu

  • During the break we had a "Rescue Centre" for people that had questions/issues with Ubuntu. Kim provided valuable advice and help. We had snacks and drinks donated by our members. Sushi, cookies, beverages, chips & dip.

  • Randall gave a Lightning Talk entitled Hacking The Vancouver Public Library for $1.40

  • Larry Reid gave a Lightning Talk entitled Getting (Or Giving) Help Remotely

  • Randall talked about Upcoming Events
  • Randall quizzed the meeting on their knowledge of Karmic Koala. Two "Karmic Koala USB Sticks" were awarded to the correct answerers.
  • Door Prizes (all donated) were awarded by draw. Three books (one of which was written and donated by renowned author Larry Jacobsen), two t-shirts, two tote bags.
  • We socialized until almost 9pm!

Presentations and Talks

Main Presentation

Presentation is here: main_presentation_sep10.pdf
It includes

  • Evangelism Advocacy and Marketing
  • New in Ubuntuland
  • Hacking the Vancouver Public Library for $1.40

Lightning Talk: Getting Or Giving Help Remotely

Presentation is here: (soon)

Presentation: Editing your Home Movies in Ubuntu

Presentation is here: (soon)

Eric's follow up notes:

Hi Everyone, As a follow-up to my video editing presentation on Thursday, here are some very useful/informative links. For instructions on how to use the advanced video editor in Blender, check out these three screencasts: For info on how to use AVCHD files in Linux, take a look here: For info on getting a Screencast working, take a look here:

And these are the homepages of various video editors that were discussed during the presentation: PiTiVi - (growing very fast, latest versions are quite good for beginners) Kino - (stable and reliable) Kdenlive - (crashed for me, but others might like it) OpenMovieEditor - (ugly interface, and unstable) Lives - (both a video editor and a live VJ tool, but not yet in the Ubuntu repository - look for packages at for now) OpenShot - (works, but still requires development snapshot libraries so NOT for beginners yet..) Blender - (primarily a 3D compositing program, but has a very powerful editor built in - see screencasts above ^ ) Cinelerra - (community forked version) or (official version) (many consider this to be the current best video editor for Linux) Lumiera - (a re-write of the Cinelerra codebase, it's NOT READY YET, but keep an eye on this...) I hope that helps with your video editing needs. Don't forget to give the developers of those applications feedback and bug reports!

-Eric Hedekar

The rest is history.


  • Thursday 10 September, 2009; 6:30 PM to 8:30-ish PM

    Important: Please RSVP at our Meetup site here to let us know if you're coming.


1814 Pandora St., Unit #202
Vancouver, BC V5L 1M5

For full location details, see the full listing:
Always RSVP above to ensure that you are updated in the event we need to move to bigger space, and any other important news about this meeting.

Some Background Information

Ubuntu is all about community. Our meetings are designed to be friendly, welcoming, and non-intimidating for all. No computer experience is assumed or required. We meet to share ideas about freedom in computing through the use of Ubuntu and also to build relationships in our community that transcend the stereotypical "user group" or "computer club".

In this spirit, please consider bringing a guest or two to this meeting, ideally someone who normally wouldn't attend a "computer club" type of event (a friend, significant other, family member.) We promise to make it interesting for everyone who attends! And don't forget to add them to your RSVP if they're not already a meetup member.


  1. Socialize, mingle, meet & greet - (6:30 - 6:50pm)

  2. Opening, then "Evangelism Advocacy & Marketing" (Randall) (6:50 - 7:15)

  3. Welcome new members! (Kim and Randall) (7:10 - 7:15)
  4. New and Newsworthy in Ubuntuland (Randall & Group) (7:15 - 7:20)

  5. Presentation: Editing your Home Movies in Ubuntu (Eric Hedekar) - (7:20 - 7:40)

Break - 10 minutes - This is an opportunity for those having Ubuntu issues and volunteers to make their way to the "Rescue Centre" area of the meeting. This is also a good time to grab a snack, meet an Ubuntu friend, talk to our Fearless Founder, start a conversation!

  1. Lightning Talk 1: Hacking The Vancouver Public Library for $1.40 (Randall) - (7:50 - 7:55)

  2. Lightning Talk 2: Getting (Or Giving) Help Remotely (Larry Reid) - (7:55 - 8:05)

  3. Upcoming Events, Q&A

  4. Karmic Koala
  5. Door Prizes! (Always a surprise!)
  6. Socializing (8:20 - 8:45 pm)


a) Members often bring treats (cookies, appies, cakes, muffins, veggies, juice, etc.) to share with everyone. Though it's not required, we certainly welcome it, as it helps create a more friendly environment for socializing.

b) In parallel with the latter half of the meeting we host a Rescue Centre. If you have an Ubuntu issue that you just can't seem to figure out, this will be the place for you! Expert(s) will be on hand to help triage issues and to provide suggestions. (Please remember to RSVP with a comment on the type of assistance that you will need.)

c) After the meeting some members continue socializing on "The Drive". For those who want to mingle with Ubuntu Vancouver folks, in a less formal (patio) setting, please plan to join us!

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