Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo November General Meeting

Oops! This meeting is over. If you weren't there, we're sorry we missed you. We hope that you'll consider coming to our December General Meeting as a show of support for your local Ubuntu community. Ubuntu is more fun and more local in person!

Presenters: Please update your appropriate sections, and add copies of the presentations as applicable.

Presentation: "Ubuntu Locally, and Group Updates"

Presented by: Randall Ross
Our Buzz Generator introduced our "Fearless Founder" Kim Kulak and jointly welcomed all our new members. He then presented some group data: the areas we live, our technical level, how people find out about us, and how easily. The presentation then shifted to the idea of being truly local in the geographic sense, and how that is of benefit to Vancouver. He encouraged the audience to shift their thinking and actions to improve their neighbourhoods, using Ubuntu.
His presentation is here: uv_general_meeting_nov13_export.pdf

Lightning Talk: "Taking Ubuntu to the Streets in Vancouver"

Presented by: Sidney Mickey
Sid shared his success stories and gave some practical advice on how to distribute Ubuntu Vancouver promotional materials. Sid, our man on the street, is single-handedly bringing the good news about Ubuntu to the masses in Vancouver!

Lightning Talk: "Ubuntu Karmic Show and Tell"

Presented by: Joseph Liau
Joseph presented a straightforward introduction to t-shirt design, using GIMP and 9.10 (Karmic Koala). Joseph does a fair amount of artsy things for not being a professional artist. Ubuntu has helped!
Here is Joe's presentation: show_and_tell_nov13.pdf

Lightning Talk: "Karmic Eye Candy: Making Others Edgy"

Presented by: Scott Nelson
Karmic Koala 9.10 has enough eye candy to make users of other platforms jealous. Scott showed us how you how to turn on all the extra effects goodies, and walked us through some configurations and examples. A bit of history: Scott wrote the documentation for getting 3D effects up and running on the Intel graphic card family and has been making Mac OSX users edgy ever since "Edgy"... Wink ;)

Lightning Talk: "The Empathy Show"

Presented by: Stefan Tjarks
The decision to include Empathy as the default chat client in Karmic was a controversial one, but was necessary to lay the foundation for the future. Stefan presented some practical information based on his testing of Empathy in Karmic. He explained "what works and what doesn't?"

Lightning Talk: "Getting Karmic Support: From the People in Your Neighbourhood"

Presented by: Randall Ross
Randall offered practical advice on upgrading to Karmic Koala based on lessons learned from the school of "Hard Knox". He then showed the audience a practical way to use Launchpad to make the support ecosystem for Ubuntu in Vancouver the best anywhere!
1. Here is his presentation: getting_karmic_support.pdf
2. Here is his screencast showing how to get help in Vancouver, from Vancouver. Essentially, 'neighbours helping neighbours' (in OGG Vorbis format): how_to_ask_vancouver_for_help
3. Here is his screencast showing how help Ubuntu Vancouver-ites that use the method above to ask for help (in OGG Vorbis format): how_to_give_help_to_vancouver
4. Here is the definitive link for What to do after you install Karmic

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Original Meeting Promotion

The rest is history! (and is presented below for historical purposes only)

The Koala has arrived!

Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo November General Meeting: Karmic Koala Night II

Some Background Information

Ubuntu is all about community. Our meetings are designed to be friendly, welcoming, and non-intimidating for all. No computer experience is assumed or required. We meet to share ideas about freedom in computing through the use of Ubuntu and also to build relationships in our community that transcend the stereotypical "user group" or "computer club".

In this spirit, please consider bringing a guest or two to this meeting, ideally someone who normally wouldn't attend a "computer club" type of event (a friend, significant other, family member.) We promise to make it interesting for everyone who attends! And don't forget to add them to your RSVP if they're not already a meetup member.

Our Theme for the evening is "Karmic Koala Night II". Here is our agenda (so far):

Agenda (Proposed)

Presentation: "Marketing: Spreading The Word, Events, and Stuff That's Generally Interesting"

Our Buzz Generator will share results of surveys, some marketing tactics and fun, as well as stuff that's new in Ubuntuland, especially in Vancouver. He will challenge the audience.

Lightning Talk: <Under Development>

Details are coming shortly. Think "eye-candy". Something that will make you say: "WOW!"

Lightning Talk: <Under Development>

Details are coming shortly. Something that will help you see more clearly.

Lightning Talk: <Under Development>

A total surprise!

Lightning Talk: <Under Development>

How does one energize a city?


1814 Pandora St., Unit #202
Vancouver, BC V5L 1M5

For full location details, please see our listing on
Plans sometimes change, so please RSVP above to ensure that you are updated in the event we need to move to bigger space, or for any other important news about this meeting.

Important Notes

a) Members often bring treats (sandwiches, appies, cakes, muffins, veggies, juice, etc.) to share with everyone, potluck style. Though it's not required, we certainly welcome it, as it helps create a more friendly environment for socializing, especially given that many people come to our meetings directly from work. And, if you're not comfortable preparing or sharing drinks/food for others, please consider picking something up from your nearest supermarket, bakery, pub on the way over.

b) In parallel with the latter half of the meeting we host a Rescue Centre. If you have an Ubuntu issue that you just can't seem to figure out, this will be the place for you! Expert(s) will be on hand to help triage issues and to provide suggestions. (Please remember to RSVP with a comment on the type of assistance that you will need.)

c) After the meeting some members continue socializing nearby on "The Drive". For those who want to mingle with Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo folks, in a less formal (restaurant/patio) setting, please plan to join us after the meeting. (The venue will be announced as part of the meeting wrap-up.)


Please e-mail <> to get involved.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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