Ubuntu Vancouver: Monthly General Meeting (May 2009)


  • Thursday 14 May, 2009; 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

    Important: Please RSVP at our Meetup site here to let us know if you're coming.


  • Special Notice: Our venue could change depending on attendance estimates. (Yes, we are growing that fast.) Your RSVP above will ensure that you are updated in the event we need to move to bigger space.

    The Hackery
    304 Victoria Drive
    Enter the side door (north side of the building) and go up the stairs.

Proposed Agenda

  • Welcome new members!
  • Evangelism Advocacy & Marketing Update

  • Affiliations
  • "Jaunty Jackalope" (9.04) Release Party Highlights
  • "Install, Upgrade and Tweak Fest" Planning
  • Recently in Ubuntuland
  • A Really Cool Demo (Details to be announced)
  • Team Reporting
  • Door Prize!

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