Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo February 2010 General Meeting

Our meeting is over. Thanks to all that attended. This was our biggest and best General Meeting ever! If you'd like a meeting recap, it's here:

Presentations (where available) are here:

Lightning Talk: "Mapping Ubuntu Vancouver: An Introduction to Ubuntu GIS"
Lightning Talk: "Moodle Co-ops in Vancouver"

See you at our next meeting!

Ubuntu Vancouver Buzz Generator

Learn. Grow. Share! It's a Whole New Year

You are encouraged to read the whole page. If you don't have the time, here's the stuff to remember:

a. RSVP. It's really important.
b. We start promptly at 6:30pm. Location below (see "Where").
c. It's about building local community, not just software.
d. Sharing food and drinks helps build community. ("Note A" below)
e. Bring a chair if you can. This is going to be a full house. ("Note C" below)

Some Background Information

Ubuntu is all about community. Our meetings are designed to be friendly, welcoming, and non-intimidating for all. No computer experience is assumed or required. We meet to share ideas about freedom in computing through the use of Ubuntu and also to build relationships in our community that transcend the stereotypical "user group" or "computer club".

In this spirit, and in the support of the goal to make the Ubuntu Vancouver community the largest in the world, please consider bringing a guest or two to this meeting. (Ideally someone who normally wouldn't attend a "computer club" type of event: a friend, significant other, family member.) We promise to make it interesting for everyone who attends! And don't forget to add them to your RSVP if they're not already a meetup member.

Our Theme for the evening is Learning, Growing, and Sharing in the Lunar New Year

Agenda (Proposed)

We have a great line-up of speakers and topics. Together we'll see some really cool ways to use Ubuntu to learn. We'll find out more about Ubuntu in Vancouver.

Presentation: "Stuff That's Generally and Locally Interesting"

Our Buzz Generator will challenge the audience, or at least provide some mild entertainment.

Lightning Talk: "Mapping Ubuntu Vancouver: An Introduction to Ubuntu GIS"

Have you ever tried tried to solve a problem involving mapping or geographic analysis? Did you know that you can do this using Ubuntu? Of course! We'll have a live demo of a powerful Geographic Information System (GIS) that is being used by people everywhere to solve real-world problems, freely. Want to discover the optimal place to locate your business? We'll show you how... and more!

Something You Haven't Seen (Or Heard) Before

Not going to tell you! You have to be here. Trust us.

Break, Socializing, Refreshments, and Rescue Centre

Our members meet, mingle and enjoy the food and beverages that everyone brought to share. Some members laugh uncontrollably. (See Notes A & B below). Would you like to "Chime In? Sign-in during the break and get on the agenda.

Lightning Talk: "Moodle Co-ops in Vancouver"

Students are demanding more and more web-based educational services from elementary school to university. The most popular free and open-source software in BC (and the world) built to deliver these services is Moodle. It is also a serious contender in the social media field, especially for organisations requiring some form of mentored or evaluated web-based training. This talk will open your eyes, wide.

Lightning Talk: "Ubuntu Show & Tell: Volume 2"

A short promotional video created in Ubuntu, about Ubuntu, and for the Ubuntu community. How you too can create compelling promotional content, easily.

The Audience Chimes In

A few rapid talks without computers, 3 minutes or less, moderated and audience driven. (Sign-up during the meeting break.

Lightning Talk: "The Crystal Ball"

It's a whole new year and a whole new Ubuntu is coming. Get a sneak peak at the future!


Our Buzz Generator wraps up the evening. Parting words, door prizes and more!


For full location, time, and directions, please RSVP and see our listing on
Plans sometimes change, so please RSVP above to ensure that you are updated in the event we need to move to bigger space, or for any other important news about this meeting.

Important Notes

a. Treats

Many members bring treats to share with everyone, potluck style. It's not required, but we certainly welcome it, as it helps create a more friendly environment for socializing, especially given that many people come to our meetings directly from work. And, if you're not comfortable preparing or sharing drinks/food for others, please consider picking something up from your nearest supermarket, bakery, pub on the way over. (Examples of what members have brought to previous meetings: sandwiches, sushi rolls, cupcakes, muffins, veggies, cookies, tangerines, nuts, coffee, tea, juice, pop, wine, ... the list is growing!)

b. Rescue Centre

In parallel with the latter half of the meeting we host a Rescue Centre. If you have an Ubuntu issue that you just can't seem to figure out, this will be the place for you! Expert(s) will be on hand to help triage issues and to provide suggestions. (Please remember to RSVP with a comment on the type of assistance that you will need. Also remember that this is time-limited so it's probably not realistic to expect a complete reinstall or something very detailed. For intense help, consider coming to a Support Saturday.)

c. Chairs

We never seem to have enough. If you are driving, please consider throwing an extra folding chair (or two) in your trunk on the way over. We promise not to hurt them, and the meeting is more comfortable when everyone has a seat.

d. Still Want More?

After the meeting some members continue socializing nearby on "The Drive". For those who want to mingle with Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo folks, in a less formal (restaurant/patio) setting, please plan to join us after the meeting. (If there is an "after-event", the venue will be announced as part of the meeting wrap-up.)


Please e-mail <> with any questions.

See you soon!

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