Making Ubuntu Your Friend In A Windows World

Thanks, and Meeting Adjourned!

Thank you to our guests, presenters, and to everyone who helped promote this special event. Our presentations are included below for reference.

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Presentation: "It's A Windows World, For Now"

Presenter: Randall Ross
Presentation copy: its_a_windows_world_for_now.pdf

Presentation: "Wubi: You're One Click Away From Ubuntu!"

Presenter: Javier Pulido-Lopez
Presentation copy: wubi_youre_one_click_away.pdf

Presentation: "VirtualBox: Run Ubuntu as a Windows Program"

Presenter: Mark Hamann
Presentation copy: virtual_box.pdf

Presentation: "Win-ing by Wine-ing"

Presenter: Joseph Liau
Presentation copy: winning_by_wineing.pdf

Presentation: "A Real-World Example: Slingplayer on Ubuntu"

Presenter: Mark Cariaga
Presentation copy: a_real_world_example_slingplayer.pdf

Information Below is From Our Planning/Promotion of This Event

Some Background Information

For all its faults, it's still "a Windows world". What a lot of people don't realize is that you don't need to "switch" wholesale to experience, to try, and to see the greatness (and community) that Ubuntu has to offer.

We will have guest speakers that not only live and breathe Ubuntu, but also understand and use Windows. Call it "computer bilingualism". They'll show you how to have the best of both worlds, smoothly. We hope you'll attend and take advantage of this valuable information.

Are you a Windows user? Do you have a friend that is a Windows user? How about a relative? Are they timid to try Ubuntu? This is the event to bring them to. Don't miss it!

Ubuntu is all about community. Our meetings are designed to be friendly, welcoming, and non-intimidating for all. No computer experience is assumed or required. We meet to share ideas about freedom in computing through the use of Ubuntu and also to build relationships in our community that transcend the stereotypical "user group" or "computer club".

In this spirit, please consider bringing a guest or two to this meeting, ideally someone who normally wouldn't attend a "computer club" type of event (a friend, significant other, family member.) We promise to make it interesting for everyone who attends! And don't forget to add them to your RSVP if they're not already a meetup member.

Our goal for the evening is to help make the transition to Ubuntu easier for the majority of computer users. Here is our agenda (so far):

Agenda (Proposed)

Presentation: "It's A Windows World, For Now"

An overview of Bug #1 and the technical ways to help begin to fix it.

Presentation: "Wubi: You're One Click Away From Ubuntu!"

A demonstration of Wubi and what can you do with it. We'll cover why it is one of the safest methods to try Ubuntu, and why it is considered the "official windows installer".

Presentation: "VirtualBox: Run Ubuntu as a Windows Program"

VirtualBox lets you run a complete operating system on a virtual machine. You can run Ubuntu as a "guest" on your Windows host. No need to repartition, figure out what data to save, or trade in what you know for what you don't. It's a risk-free way to explore Ubuntu while still being able to get at your Windows system at the touch of a key or click of a mouse... because you are running both OSes simultaneously.

Presentation: "Win-ing by Wine-ing"

An introduction to Wine and how to use it to run Windows applications in Ubuntu. This presentation will also go over some alternatives to Windows applications.

Presentation: "A Real-World Example: Slingplayer on Ubuntu"

Our presenter will run the slingplayer program on Ubuntu using Wine. Enjoy watching your local cable feed even on Ubuntu! No Windows necessary.


Vancouver (near Victoria/Hastings, Commercial Drive)
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Plans sometimes change, so please RSVP above to ensure that you are updated in the event we need to move to bigger space, or for any other important news about this meeting.

Important Notes

a) This is a shorter meeting than our "normal" or general meetings. We are time-limited to 90 minutes. The event will end promptly at 7:30pm.


Please e-mail <> to get involved.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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