Ubuntu Vancouver: Monthly Meeting


  • Thursday 8 January, 2009; 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM


  • Free Geek
    1820 Pandora Street
    Please enter by the back door, off the alley.


  1. Review of past events:
    • Workshop: Introduction to Ubuntu (20 November 2008)
    • Workshop: Fundamentals of Linux - Part 3 (26 November 2008)
  2. Schedule new workshops.
  3. Workshops: Introduction to Ubuntu 2 & 3.

  4. Discussion: Adding value to Ubuntu Vancouver
  5. Anything else you want to talk about.


Only four of us there; Kim, Georges, Rob, Megan (Free Geek); but we did manage to get a fair bit accomplished.

  1. Review of past events.
    • Rob had a chance to give his impression of the three Fundamentals of Linux workshops that he held. He perceived that the workshops were well received but beyond some of the attendees. Rob is going to gather his notes together so we'll be able to hold this series again.

    • The Introduction to Ubuntu workshop held last November was the third time we've given this workshop. It's been well attended each time and seems to be a decent, basic introductory workshop.

    • Other than for Rob's first Fundamentals workshop we haven't had any evaluation forms to had out to the attendees. Kim's going to talk to Ifny and see how we can have a supply of these for every workshop.
  2. Another Introduction to Ubuntu workshop has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 28. Kim will lead this again.
    • Everyone who want to assist is encouraged to attend.
    • This is the third time Kim has lead this workshop and it about time to share the fun! Megan mentioned that it would great to run this workshop on a regular basis, once a month. That would be a lot easier to do if we could share the lead around.
  3. Kim is currently outlining two more Introduction to Ubuntu workshops. Introduction to Ubuntu 2 will concentrate on finding and installing more great Ubuntu applications, as well as customization of your desktop. Introduction to Ubuntu 3 will be about routine maintenance and administration of your Ubuntu system.

  4. The attendance has been falling drastically for the last few months. What would make these meetings worth your time?

Thank you,

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