Ubuntu Vancouver: Monthly Meeting

Join us for our second regular meeting.


  • Thursday, 8 May, 2008 at 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM


  • Free Geek 1820 Pandora Street Vancouver

    directions Please enter by the back door, off the alley.


  • Education and Advocacy: Discuss what we want to do and start making some plans to get there.
  • Demos: I'll bring my laptop and we can use Free Geeks data projector to look at some of the new features of Hardy Heron.


  1. Education
    • Ifny was kind enough to give us some direction as to what educational support we could supply to Free Geek:
      • o Help support new Ubuntu users who have graduated from Free Geeks computer adoption program o Workshops of all kinds. o Install Fests - remove installs from Windowless Wednesdays. o Use course material from Portland as a starting point. o Put an Ubuntu resources page on o Conduct a monthly Ubuntu support day
    • Ifny put an Education section on Free Geek's wiki for workshop development. She'll post some ideas brainstormed at this meeting and invites everyone to contribute.

    • Ifny also invites those interested in teaching or taking workshops to join Free Geek's education mailing list:

    • Other ideas came up from people present:
      • o Offering Ubuntu workshops to specific groups like seniors, women, and in different languages like French, Mandarin, Cantonese o Possible support in future for non-profits and organizations that want to change to Ubuntu but need some hand-holding o Advanced Ubuntu workshops o General discussion of how exclusive Ubuntu Vancouver should be with operating systems and software not directly Ubuntu.
    • Mark Norman and Richard Vickery volunteered to spearhead the Ubuntu Vancouver educational activities.
    • A show of hands indicated quite a few (8-10?) people were willing to lead courses and workshops.
  2. Advocacy
    • Free Geek has booths at community events like Earth Day, Media Democracy Day & Car Free Vancouver Day. Ifny encouraged Ubuntu Vancouver members to help spread the word about Ubuntu Linux and free and open source to the public..

    • After two calls, there was no volunteer to spearhead the Ubuntu Vancouver advocacy effort. Eleven people volunteered to help at community events. Anyone else wishing to get involved should contact Ifny directly at ifny[at]freegeekvancouver[dot]org
  3. The possibility was raised that we move the Ubuntu Vancouver meetings around rather than always meet the first Thursday of the month. This was so that we didn't always exclude the people who are busy on Thursdays. Thursday was the only regular day of the week that Free Geek is available to us. I (Kim) will investigate if we could accommodate more people by moving from the first Thursday of the month to other days and other weeks.
  4. Demos: Once my laptop and the data projector were happy together I attempted to show some of the new features of Hardy Heron. I also gave a taste of some of the Compiz videos available on YouTube and educational material on

Kim Kulak

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