Local? Need Help? You've come to the right place.

Ubuntu Vancouver strives to offer support to residents of Vancouver (and surrounding areas) who are having difficulties with Ubuntu. Support is volunteer-based, best-effort, and without warranty.


The Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo now holds regular "Support Saturdays" our rescue & support centre, at a regular time, on Saturdays, in a central transit-accessible neighbourhood. Sessions normally open to all of Vancouver without prejudice and without charge. Support is volunteer-based, best-effort, and without warranty. We schedule them monthly for now. That will expand in the coming months as Ubuntu spreads across Vancouver.


Please join our group on our meetup channel. That is our official membership site and dates and full locations are disclosed there.

Order of Events and Rules


  1. Event is posted to
    b. SupportHero{in}es declare their intent to offer support by RSVP'ing on the meetup page, and also by subscribing to the Support Saturday planning wiki page and adding their name/details to the chart.
    c. People needing support RSVP for help on event page. They answer the 5 support questions.
    d. Inbound RSVP's are forwarded to Support Hero{in}es for discussion and possible pre-emption.
    e. RSVP's become Support Requests that are brought to the event by the organizer(s)


  1. SupportHero{in}es arrive and set up (1 hour prior to event start).

  2. People coming for support arrive and check-in with registration/welcome desk.
  3. Support Request is triaged and given to appropriate SupportHero{in}e.

  4. SupportHero{in}e works 1-on-1 with people needing support. (~3 h)

  5. SupportHero{in}es finish and clean up. (~30 min)

Coming for Support? What to Bring

  • your computer (laptop, netbook, desktop or workstation)
  • a good description of your problem (as detailed as possible) to help us help you (this should already be in your meetup RSVP.)

Coming to Provide Support? What to Bring

  • your computer (laptop, netbook, desktop or workstation)
  • any equipment you will need to solve problems. Some examples: an AC power bar, USB storage to do backups, a live-USB that's bootable, your favourite reference material, a working USB wifi dongle to help those who come in with non-working wifi.

Venue preparation & requirements

  • Set up venue (chairs, tables, LCD projector).
  • Put up signs for the venue.
  • Provide enough power-plugs.
  • Have Ubuntu CDs for installations.
  • Make sure the internet connection is up and running. Have access data for wireless.


  • Provide mice, keyboards, monitors (if people have RSVP'd that are bringing in desktops/towers)
  • Provide water, coffee, tea and some snacks.


  • We do not provide help for unreleased or unofficial versions of Ubuntu.
  • We do not provide help for businesses.
  • All help is done voluntarily, with best-effort and without warranty. Please make sure to backup ALL your data!


Stefan Tjarks
Randall Ross
If you would like to help, please contact us.

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