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Our goal is to generate BUZZ and get as many people interested in Ubuntu Vancouver as possible, which means everyone in and around Vancouver. This is is support of Ubuntu Vancouver's goals to be the largest, most successful and respected Ubuntu community in the world. You can help make that happen.


Generate real BUZZ by helping our Marketing team. Email Randall (our Buzz Generator) for more information about how you can help Ubuntu Vancouver Evangelism Advocacy & Marketing (uvEAM).

Current Wish List

Ubuntu Vancouver Marketing would really like:

  • Reliable and central meeting facilities
  • A logo design: a project/competition is underway! See Projects/LogoDesign
  • A printing partner
  • Media contacts in Vancouver
  • A USB storage manufacturing contact
  • Guest lecturer(s)
  • Sponsorship at any level

Please contact Randall ASAP if you can offer any of these.



1. Ubuntu Vancouver Buzz Cards
Please print these (professionally) and give them to everyone you meet. Requires Inkscape.

2. uvEAM Presentation April 9 2009
Describes activities in Mar-April 2009 performed to raise visibility of Ubuntu Vancouver. The "kick-off" presentation.

3. Karmic Koala Party Poster with Tear-offs A small poster useful for neighbourhood bulletin boards (libraries, community centers, public places). Print these on colourful paper, cut, and post in a highly visible place. karmicpartyposter.pdf

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