About me

I am a self-described Linux power user wanting to take a more active role in the Ubuntu community. I have been using Linux since 1999, when I started with Debian potato (muchas gracias, Cristian!). Since then I have tried Red Hat, Gentoo, and SuSE, but I'm definitely committed to Ubuntu -- so much so that I bought a system76 laptop in the summer of 2006.

For the past eight years I have been working in the litigation-support field, which (unfortunately for me) is still Windows-centric. I have though used Perl extensively for text manipulation and scripting, and I'm currently learning Python.

Community Participation

My contributions so far have been translations, bug reporting, and the occasional support offered in #ubuntu-es.

I am a member of the Colombian LoCo and New York LoCo teams.

Planes y visión de Ubuntu en Colombia

  • crear un espacio de interacción para la comunidad de usuarios y desarrolladores de Ubuntu
  • organizar o participar en eventos para dar a conocer a Ubuntu a potenciales usuarios particulares y empresariales
  • abogar por el uso de software libre y formatos abiertos (usando a Ubuntu como plataforma), sobre todo en el sector público y en el sector educativo

Contact info

You can send email to <carlos DOT arenas AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>; for IRC, Jabber, and OpenPGP info, please see my Launchpad profile.



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