Caspar Clemens Mierau (damokles/ccm)

... is living in Berlin (Germany), just finished his study of media culture at Bauhaus-university (Weimar) and works as project manager and author. While dealing with Linux for about ten years, Ubuntu provided the last step to a complete switch to a free operating system on his personal machine. Though having a great interest in business-proof solutions, there is a focus on end user convenience and (especially local and native speaking) community work.

Ubuntu related work (being done so far)


  • (very) active member of user group Ubuntu Berlin

  • founder and administrator of German speaking user group irc channel #ubuntu-berlin on freenode
  • moderator of user group mailing list:

  • member of launchpad bug squad team, participation on hug days
  • user support on answer tracker and German Ubuntu forum
  • official member of "Ubuntu Deutschland e.V."
  • provided "LAG Medienarbeit", German union for media pedagogic work with youngsters, with Ubuntu installations for their laptops
  • spreaded dozens of Ubuntu cds to friends and colleagues Wink ;)

  • support for poster printing for ubuntu Deutschland e.V.
  • major role in organization of Ubuntu Gutsy release party in Berlin for about 80 to 100 people (press relations, organisation, contracts)
  • major role in organization of Ubuntu Hardy release party in Berlin for about 200 to 300 people (press relations, organisation, contracts)
  • major role in organization of Ubuntu BBQ for Linuxtag 2008 (partly sponsored by Canonical)

Current work


  • preparation of a "federal" cowork of "UbuntuBerlin" user group and ubuntu Deutschland e.V. loco

  • preparation of ubuntu network gaming event (lan party with Ubuntu shipped networked games)
  • discussion with local advertiser about series about ubuntu
  • setting up local storage for Ubuntu marketing materials for Berlin

Personal details


  • Name: Caspar Clemens Mierau

  • Nicknames: damokles/ccm

  • City: Berlin - Germany

How to contact


  • Mail: damokles at gmx dot net

  • IRC: ccm on

  • Jabber: damokles at jabber dot ccc dot de

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