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Cees Sluis


the Netherlands

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Started with Linux for personal use a long time ago. Since 2006 I write and translate Dutch Ubuntu documentation articles on the wiki.


Born in 1963 in the Netherlands. After my study start working as a computer-system engineer and still do.

Past activities

  • attended some LoCo Release Party's in the Netherlands

    • DenHaag (9.04)

    • Oss (9.10)
    • Ede (10.04)
  • attended the LoCo irl team-meeting in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

  • Created/Edited/Revised wiki articles on the Dutch Wiki, for example about Grub2, Wubi, Lost password, ...

  • Updated or re-structured articles for example Install the Desktop or Using the terminal, VirtualBox, Wine, ...

  • Reviewed other wiki articles.
  • Initiate a teampage and monthly irc team meeting to improve and maintain the documentation as a LoCo team.

  • Made some translations and screenshots for the Dutch translation of the ubuntu-manual.

Current activities

Future plans

  • Make contributions to the Dutch documentation wiki.
  • Stay involved and help the Dutch Ubuntu LoCo community.

  • Translating documentation as the Ubuntu Manual.


"If it weren't for Cees tremendous efforts there wouldn't have been an Ubuntu NL Documentatie Team and our documentation would have been in a far worse shape. Thanks to his organisational work we now have a team to look after the documentation in a structured way. Cees has also been very active in LoCo politics, participating in the monthly IRC meetings, contributing to important discussions and helping with leading meetings. He is one of the more active persons in the Ubuntu NL community. Therefore I heartily endorse Cees Sluis for Ubuntu Membership." -- sense 2010-11-12 20:21:08

"I got to know Cees well when I joined the Ubuntu NL Documentation Team. He enthusiastic leads this team and always listen to someones ideas. Except for the maintainance of the Documentation articles, Cees also stimulates improvement of the wiki in general. Besides the Documentation Team Cees is involved in several Ubuntu NL wide projects and discussions and can play devil's advocate at the right time. " -- rachidbm

"Cees has done a great job for Ubuntu-nl, and very much for the Ubuntu-nl-docu team. Dedicated, hard working and active for the Ubuntu Dutch loCo for several years now. He plays on important role in discussions about the future and development of the our Dutch loCo. So a +1 from me for his Ubuntu Membership." -- leoquant

"Cees has done a lot of things for Ubuntu-nl and is still doing it." -- r0n

"Cees has been an important and constant factor in Ubuntu NL the last years. Cees has been leading the Ubuntu NL documentation team and also is one of the main contributers to this documentation. He strives to make the threshold for community members to improve and create new documentation as low as possible. More in general as a member the Loco team I know Cees to look with intelligence at new plans and ideas being developed, and not only to give his opinion, but also to actively participate in improving concept and ideas concerning the Loco team in general. -- Thomas de Graaff"

"As a former member of the Ubuntu NL documentation team I had the privilege of working together with Cees for some time. I also met him on the IRL loco team meeting in 2009. He is an very enthusiastic guy that really kickstarted the Ubuntu NL documentation team when he joined in 2009. He works really hard on the documentation, writing and translating articles and keeping things organised. Thank you Cees, you're doing an awesome job!" -- Roel Huybrechts

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