Texas LoCo Regional Team

NOTE: Team is currently under some restructuring!
Hello to all and welcome to the Central Texas LoCo team. The goal of this team is to bridge a large gap between the various LoCo Teams in the state of Texas. Aside from that I wanted to start this team for users who were serious about getting involved more in the community as a whole.


The point of this LoCo does not differ from any other LoCo team. We are formed to promote, support and share Ubuntu with our local community. We will strive to do this through means of spreading to friends and family, outreach to the community, booths to display the ability of Ubuntu and more.


This wiki is mainly meant to be for use within LoCo organization. If you would like to join or just to get more info please visit us on irc on irc.freenode.net channel #ubuntu-us-tx.


Sub-pages :

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