I, Chad Miller, apply for upload rights for package chromium-browser.


Chad Miller

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Who I am

I'm a Floridian interested in free software and making the world better.

My Ubuntu story

My involvement

I'm a long-time Debian and Ubuntu supporter. I helped with Debian informally in late 1990s and became Developer in December 2000, and lost interest in active development around 2004. I picked up Ubuntu very early, and grew excited again.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

First, some old stuff: A few years ago, I helped maintain the desktopcouch and couchdb packages as part of my day-job in Canonical Online Services. couchdb upstream source and release policy was a bit of a nightmare, and it wasn't my idea to start it or keep it, but I tried to make it as good as was possible. One thing I am proud of is my splitting the packaging of couchdb into two packages so a system daemon wasn't implied if mundane users needed to run their own copies of couchdb.

I left Online Services in late 2012 and joined the Desktop Team to get closer to my interests, delivering software to users instead of writing server-side software.

The chromium-browser package was rotting then, because it was big, packaging was crufty, and no one understood it very well or had enough time to tend it.

Since I took it over, I've taken over the webapps patches from the #webapps team because I can't wait for someone else when a security update should be out the door soon.

I've worked with upstream to have a better relationship. We have Google API keys built-in now, and I have met Chromium's linux-distro liaison.

I've added autopkgtests that verity that browser runs and requests pages, and our patched configuration changes were applied. I have switched to upstream's preferred build system, to speed up builds and use only tested paths. I dropped cdbs and switched to dh, and dropped 10 unnecessary build-deps.

I made the rules download official release tarballs, instead of checking out nebulous versions from the SCM, and I moved down the extraction root so we don't have to re-pack the orig tarball, which means we can check orig tarball checksums against upstream's to verify that my own workflow is not the easiest vector for attack of users.

I set up a staging PPA that I can upload to and get testing and QA feedback, and that Security team can copy from directly instead of waiting half a day for another build.

Things I could do better

I could get more QA involvement. Chromium is going through some big changes in Linux soon, and will need more eyeballs.

I should get Cr templates flowing into Launchpad again, and get Launchpad translations flowing into the packaging.

Plans for the future


What I like least in Ubuntu

I dislike depending on GL hardware in our desktop. GL is still a fantastic headache. Ask me about nouveau for an ear-full.

Also, our grab handles for window management are far too small. Oh, and poor discoverability of buttons in maximized windows is dumb.


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JamieStrandboge (jdstrand)

I've worked with Chad on several occasions regarding chromium-browser updates. He is very knowledgeable of chromium-browser and its packaging and given sustained contributions over the years. Honestly, I was shocked to hear he was not an Ubuntu member yet. Smile :) -- jdstrand 2014-04-09 13:10:08

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Sebastien Bacher

Chad has been working on Ubuntu for quite some years, his work on chromium has been solid and I think he deserves getting upload rights for it!


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