Charlene Tessier has been an active member of the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo since January 2010. The philosophy and ideals of Ubuntu and the Community inspired her to volunteer and contribute to the project. A key area that UVLC was looking for assistance in was in marketing and increasing awareness for the Ubuntu Project. Charlene has drawn upon her business background to increase both awareness and marketing for the Ubuntu Project.

Contact Information

Summary of Contributions

  • Active and contributing member of UVLC since January 2010
  • Participated, volunteered, hosted and co-hosted over 35 meetings and events
  • Increased community awareness through unique marketing campaigns
  • Team lead for 3 documentation projects

Contributions in Detail

Community Marketing and Awareness

The Vancouver Farmers Markets are a key attraction for locals to attend during the warm summer months. A perfect mix of foot traffic, high local attendance, low cost, and face to face interaction, the markets are an ideal venue for UVLC awareness and marketing campaigns. This unique context was coupled with the creation of a display that was non-technical and more community focused <see photo>. The markets are a great, inexpensive way to increase awareness, learn why so few people haven’t heard about Ubuntu, and discover areas of improvement for future campaigns.

Documentation Projects

UVLC was approached by a local college, BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) looking for organizations that could take on technical writing students to complete an industry project for completion of their program. Charlene stepped up to the opportunity to lead, co-ordinate and edit the projects for these students.

The finished documents take a non-technical, non-jargon, highly-accessible-for-all-users approach. People don’t read documents cover to cover but they do want answers, so we strove to create documents that answer the most common and repeatedly asked questions.

Three students produced three documents - each document is 100+ pages. A summary of the documents produced are:

1)NURG: New User’s Resource Guide to the UVLC <copy in a public U1 folder for the membership board>

A practical guide that gives new members tips and tricks, demystifies and destroys assumptions, and separates fact from fiction about Ubuntu, FLOSS and UVLC. To date 200+ members of the UVLC have viewed the document.

2)Gwibber : Master Social Networking with Gwibber A guide that shows users how Gwibber can improve their social networking experience. The document is currently available on the Gwibber site and was featured on OMG! Ubuntu. Recently, the Ubuntu/Gnome Documentation Lead has informed us that they will be using parts of the document to create the new help documentation to be packaged and shipped with Gwibber.

3) Thunderbird: Getting Started with Thunderbird and Taming Your Email with Thunderbird. Released to the UVLC community on April 5, 2011, this document helps users detach from web mail and manage the massive amounts of email received daily. Scheduled to be released globally and to the Thunderbird team soon. <copy in a public U1 folder for the membership board>

UVLC Participation and Presentations

Throughout the year, Charlene has been a regular volunteer participating in the set up/take down crews for various meetings, presentations and social events. She has presented on several occasions including:

  • Grow Your Small Business with FLOSS - A look at FLOSS accounting software - KMyMoney
  • New Members Nights - Intro to UVLC and Ubuntu based on the NURG documentation
  • Share Ubuntu - Increase awareness and UVLC membership through friends and family

My Future Vision for Ubuntu

Charlene's future focus is to increase awareness and marketing of Ubuntu to the masses by focusing on unique, extraordinary events with a move towards larger scale marketing campaigns

A personal goal is to increase the number of female users and participants in Ubuntu (and FLOSS) projects through her blog: French Fortune Cookie: A Girl’s Guide to Being Techno Chic. Ubuntu is the perfect platform to show women that no matter what your interest - blogging, graphic art, design, social networking, baking, photos, sewing or music - you can be Techno Chic with Ubuntu.


Charlene joined Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo (UVLC) in January 2010 and has contributed to our group consistently, reliably, and creatively at all times. She has energized Ubuntu's marketing in Vancouver by leading our "Vancouver Farmers Market" initiative. She has presented at UVLC General (and Main Event) Meetings, and has hosted and co-hosted ThemeNights ("Ubuntu For Small Business", "Ubuntu Vancouver For Newcomers") and Ubuntu (release) parties. When not on the stage, Charlene has worked behind-the-scenes providing logistical support to ensure that dozens of Ubuntu events in Vancouver were completed with success. Charlene lives and breathes the Ubuntu ethos and I recommend her for Ubuntu membership without hesitation. I am confident that she will serve the project well. RandallRoss, 'Ubuntu Member, Ubuntu Vancouver Community Manager, Ubuntu Vancouver Buzz Generator.'

Charlene is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is diplomatic and insightful when handling event organization and execution. Charlene is constantly learning, sharing, and enriching the "Ubuntu" of the Vancouver LoCo. She is a great asset to the community and a role model for anyone who wants to get involved. I have no reservations in recommending her for Ubuntu membership. Joseph Liau, 'Ubuntu Vancouver Master Presenter.'

I worked with Charlene to create the NURG—the New Users Resource Guide to Ubuntu Vancouver. Her insights into the Ubuntu Vancouver Local Community and Ubuntu (the software and philosophy) were crucial to produce a concise, useable document. Charlene is communicative, affable, punctual, and easy going—enviable qualities for any team lead. Jeff Gantner, technical writer

Charlene Tessier and I have been members of the Ubuntu Vancouver Loco for sometime now. Charlene has always been really involved in the organizing and running just about every event that we have held in the Vancouver Loco. For me though, the ultimate function that she has done for Ubuntu Vancouver and, I think, for Ubuntu in general, was the editing of *The New User's Resource Guide To Ubuntu Vancouver*. As if that was not enough, she then promptly delved into two more productions on Thunderbird. And then.....Gwibber! Whew! If anyone was to be graced with an Ubuntu membership, it should be Charlene. I highly recommend Charlene for membership. Ian "Roscoe" Ross, Support Hero, Ubuntu Vancouver Loco

What can I say about Charlene? Every event she is there, doing her share and more, always with a big smile on her face. What more needs to be said! Kim Kulak, Fearless Founder, Ubuntu Vancouver

Charlene is one of the hardest working Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo members in the group: her tireless efforts have added a lot of easy-to-understand, practical information for Ubuntu novices that everyone appreciates. Charlene is always looking to improve her technical knowledge and share this with friends & family. Her pleasant demeanor makes her a most welcome addition! Sid Mickey, Support Hero, Ubuntu Vancouver Loco

I was fortunate enough to work with Charlene creating a couple of guides for the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo on taming your email with Thunderbird 3.1, and found her professional and passionate about Ubuntu. Charlene selflessly gave up her free time to work on a number of documentation projects for the Ubuntu Vancouver LoCo and her dedication to furthering the growth of Ubuntu is evident. I enthusiastically recommend Charlene for Official Ubuntu Membership as she would be a valuable addition to any project! Jim McCullough, technical writer.

Charlene has been tireless in her passionate support for the local Ubuntu community. I've been extremely impressed with the enthusiasm and skills she's brought to both public events (eg. Ubuntu tables at local farmer's markets) to her documentation skills (see above). I'm happy to speak in favour of her receiving 'official' Ubuntu recognition through an e-mail address and any other support that is available Scott Nelson, integral technologist.

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