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Help & Support

Need help? There are many Official Support Resources for Ubuntu including Official and Community Documentation, Forums, IRC Channels, and more all available online.

If you are interested in getting support from the Chicago Loco team, please visit the 'Contact Us' page to get in touch with us.

Why Free & Open Source?

There are a great number of benefits to open-source software. Projects can gain the input of an entire community when they are free and open. Learn about open-source software from here.

Why Ubuntu?

There are many great benefits of switching to Ubuntu. It's stable, safe, and open source! For more information about the latest features and benefits, please go to the Ubuntu Homepage, and click on "Take the Tour" to learn more.

Ubuntu News

There is always lots of activity and growth in the Ubuntu community. Things are constantly changing and being modified. To keep up with some of the latest Ubuntu news, please feel free to check out the Ubuntu News page.

Giving Back to Ubuntu

The Ubuntu community is very strong, friendly, and supportive. For the most part this is due to the generosity of people just like you who give their time to Ubuntu to make this a great operating system. To find numerous ways you can start giving back to the Ubuntu community, please see this page on Contributing to the Community.

Ubuntu Store

The Ubuntu Store features many fun and useful items that will help you in your daily endeavors, and help spread the word of Ubuntu at the same time. The money from the store will also help support your favorite Linux distribution - Ubuntu! To browse the selection, hop over to the Canonical Store.

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