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Nathan Handler (nhandler)

Ubuntu Chicago T-Shirts

July 5, 2010

August 2, 2010

Micah Gersten (micahg)

Ubuntu Global Jam

Aug 2, 2010

Aug 2, 2010


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Ubuntu Chicago T-Shirts

Presented by: nhandler

21:05:51< nhandler> kmrs75 has been doing some great work and has created a bunch of designs: http://s684.photobucket.com/albums/vv203/techsx2/Chicago%20LoCo/
21:06:39< nhandler> Hopefully, we can get a bit more feedback on the ML now that the summer is winding down so we can get actual shirts made soon
21:06:41< kmrs75> were new here but we just wanted to help out as much as we could over the past month we have helped out with a few designs with the help from nhandler and other
21:08:00< nhandler> Not much more to discuss about that now. I just wanted to give a quick status update (since we have been talking about this for a while)

Ubuntu Global Jam

Presented by: micahg

21:09:03< kmrs75> can i get more details on what that is about
21:09:46< micahg> kmrs75: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam?action=show&redirect=GlobalJam
21:10:53< kmrs75> is this a face to face here or is this an online thing
21:11:29< nhandler> kmrs75: Idealy, it would be a real face to face meeting
21:11:54< kmrs75> its very close is there any talk about where it will be held
21:12:37< nhandler> kmrs75: Locations are our biggest issue. We have the schaumburg library (which fills up most of the time), Onshore Networks (where micahg works), and the Institute of Design
21:14:10< kmrs75> ok what is the best location for everyone - any preference or a location that isnt preferred -- me i can go any place (unless i have to work )
21:14:29< nhandler> kmrs75: The best location is really whereever we can get something.
21:14:38< kmrs75> ok
21:14:53< nhandler> specialKevin: Would the Institute of Design be available for the global jam: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam
21:15:45< nhandler> If people would be up for a slightly different type of location (not as private or nice), we could meet at http://store-locator.barnesandnoble.com/store/2020
21:16:03< nhandler> It is within easy walking distance of a metra station and not to far from the highway
21:16:37< kmrs75> well would a non private have its benefits - others in the area comes over to hear and see what everyone is gathered for
21:17:09< nhandler> kmrs75: Yeah, that is true. But I doubt they would like us posting signs and stuff in the building
21:17:14< kmrs75> i am not sure what past experience has had -
21:17:46< kmrs75> what about asking for a sponsorship has that been tried before
21:17:54< nhandler> kmrs75: We usually get a couple of people who show up unexpected. We had a nice turnout for the global jam when we did it at the library, and we get a decent turnout for the release parties at the institute of design
21:18:10< kmrs75> ok
21:18:16< nhandler> kmrs75: I don't think so. nixternal would be the one to ask about that (he has all the local connections in the city)
21:18:25< nhandler> Hmm...Has anyone seen nixternal?
21:18:46 * micahg wonders if we'll get CDs before the Jam
21:18:56< kmrs75> and i am in the corn fields so there isnt really too many that would like to head out this way or else i could see about here
21:19:05< nhandler> micahg: Unless he sorted that out with Maria, probably not. I can burn some discs (but it isn't the same)
21:19:21< nhandler> micahg: Any opinions on the bookstore I linked to?
21:19:33< nhandler> I think in terms of accessibility, it isn't that bad.
21:19:46< nhandler> But it is in the suburbs
21:19:57 * micahg knows where it is, does that count :P
21:20:22< micahg> 35 minutes away for me
21:20:36< kmrs75> another thing were looking ad doing for future reference is being able to print on DVDs so if he cant get dvds in next time we can print the ubuntu or chicago loco on them
21:20:39< nhandler> micahg: Not too bad. 15 from me
21:21:25< nhandler> kmrs75: Normally, we get a big box of pressed CDs from Canonical for each release. We just don't have them due to some technical mixup or something
21:21:46< nhandler> That is one of the perks of being an approved LoCo
21:22:05< kmrs75> thats what i figure i just wanted to let you know - if it should happen again
21:23:38< nhandler> I'll wait a bit to see what kevin says about the institute of design. I'll also send Richard an SMS to find out where he has been. But if we don't find a better location soon, I think we could give that BN a try. I'll look a bit more to see if they have a meeting room or something. If not, we can chill by the cafe (they also have a balcony)
21:24:39< nhandler> Any objections to that?
21:25:09< kmrs75> if you need some help with phone calls or help setting something up we will volunteer to help - but we dont have many contacts in the city
21:26:15< nhandler> Well, we are always looking for new locations we can meet. They don't need to be in the city, but we try and make them as accessible as possible (so close to a train station/highway and not too far from the city)
21:27:35< nhandler> Anything else anyone wants to discuss tonight?
21:27:44< kmrs75> the closest that i could help out with w/o leads is joliet
21:28:31< micahg> we're all staggered
21:28:34< nhandler> Yeah, not sure if that would be the best place (but montel might show up if we meet there ;) )
21:33:48< nhandler> So anything else for tonight's meeting?
21:33:52 * nhandler just sent Richard an email
21:36:39< nhandler> Alright, then the only thing left is to decide who is doing the minutes. Any volunteers? Or am I going to be doing them?
21:38:04< kmrs75> we would but if you dont mind we would like to warm up a little more before we mess that up - never done mins before
21:38:30< nhandler> kmrs75: No problem. They aren't that hard, but I'll take care of them
21:38:49< nhandler> micahg, kmrs75: Thanks for showing up. I'll keep everyone updated on what I hear re: global jam
21:39:01< kmrs75> what is the link to the past ones so we can look at them
21:40:00< nhandler> kmrs75: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChicagoTeam/Meetings/Minutes
21:40:25< kmrs75> thank you
21:42:42< micahg> sorry nhandler, just out of it tonight
21:42:52< nhandler> micahg: Go to bed ;)
21:44:01< nhandler> Ah, got a reply from Rich. He has his daughter for August, he is fine with the BN, but we'll wait to see what kevin says. He says he will probably op online some time next week (Michigan this weekend)

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