Ubuntu Experience

I have been using Ubuntu 5.10 on PPC since Janurary 2006. Since May 2006 I have been using it on x86 (switched to Dapper). I would consider myself to be reasonably proficient with it.


... trying to get my friends interested in trying out Ubuntu. One friend in India is very interested, because he has a pirated copy of Windows which is misbehaving.

... thinking about certain programs I could write

... helping people on

... encouraging other Ubuntu users to notify hardware manufacturers when their devices work with Linux.

... distributing Dapper CDs and CDs of open-source Windows software to anyone who wants them.

... trying to get my father to use Ubuntu. He is the perfect candidate for it, as his most common computer use is e-mail and web, and I don't mind him using my computer for it.

... providing feedback and bug reports to some Ubuntu-related project like Reconstructor, Exaile and Specto.

... co-admin of the UbuntuOS blog, as well as a co-host of the Ubuntu Podcast.

... author of the "A Man And His Penguin" blog. (

... wondering what else to put on this Wiki page.

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