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IconsPage/Icongnomeicu3.png I am an accounting clerk / amateur geek at a small real estate investment firm in Florida.

I have been toying with Ubuntu, my first Linux distro, since mid 2006 and switched over to Kubuntu in early 2007. I have not yet figured everything out, but I am gaining ground quickly after so many years of laziness brought on by the competition. I have recently started the Florida LoCo team (see FloridaTeam), and am incredibly happy with the speed with which it has taken off, having already reached almost 100 members in only a few months. I see nothing but good things coming from this team and its members in the future.

I mostly spend my time working on my new kubuntu toys, breaking the system, reinstalling, and all the fun that goes with it. I also try to document what I learn so it might help others at veritas/tic, and spend a large amount of my time attempting to learn Python as a jumping-off point to understanding other languages as well.



IconsPage/IconCalendarOpen.png I find that the best way to make sure I follow my goals is to list them, add to them, edit them, worry about them, ad nauseum, until I complete them all in a sad, twisted competition with myself. Strangely enough, by listing and following these goals I may actually complete one of them, becoming a member.

IconsPage/IconKubuntuCircle.png Found the Ubuntu-Florida LoCo Team
IconsPage/IconKubuntuCircle.png Get the Florida Team Approved
IconsPage/IconKubuntuCircle.png Become an Ubuntu Member
IconsPage/UbuntuGrey.png Become more active with the Ubuntu DIY Team

My Affiliations With Ubuntu


  • I have recently founded the FloridaTeam Loco

  • I spend the majority of my days and nights in the #ubuntu-florida and #ubuntu-us IRC rooms
  • I am a newly joined member of the Ubuntu Marketing Team and DIY Marketing Team

My Future With Ubuntu

  • Continue working with the LoCo community to strengthen Ubuntu presence, especially within Florida

  • Become an Ubuntu member
  • Expand the FloridaTeam to full working and approved status, enabling us to participate in activities and charitable events

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