Contact Info

Name: Chris Scheib

Location: Metro Detroit, MI, USA

GPG Public Key: 708DAE97


  • Started using Linux in 1997... Slackware for a very short bit, then mostly Red Hat
  • Used Debian Unstable for the last 2 years, and switched to Ubuntu about 5 months ago (a month or so before Warty release)
  • Currently employed as a Backup and Restoration Administrator in the Auto Industry

Current Interests/Projects

  • Xen - looking into packaging userspace utils and kernels

  • User Mode Linux - Currently run my personal domain off of UML

  • LDAP - I have 2 years of experience using LDAP as a backend user authentication database
  • Member of DetroitTeam LoCo... trying to become more active in the Ubuntu community

  • Looking into becoming a part of the MOTU, packaging efforts listed below.


  • NEW package gsf-sharp in Universe (announcement apparently didn't make it through hoary-changes spam filter)
  • Repaired the x2vnc package

  • Repaired the ethereal package