Contact Me

IconsPage/IconUsers.png These are my preferred methods of contact. You will find me online almost always, so there shouldn't be any difficulty reaching me. Email is the preferred method if you need to reach me, but I am generally available via IM/IRC if it is more pressing.


IconsPage/kgpg.png I use GPG encryption for all my communication. If you would like to have a secure conversation with me via email, please generate or use your GPG key. You can find my most updated key here:

GPG: 0xB6724E04

If for any reason, you sign my key with yours, please upload the key to the Ubuntu keyserver, and send me a copy to my email below.


IconsPage/IconEnvelope.png When using email, I always digitally sign my email with my public GPG key. If an email comes through to you from one of my email addresses and it is not signed with my key, or if the verification of the digital signature fails, please question the integrity of the message. I recommend using Evolution for verifying digitally signed mail.

At any event, here are my email addresses:


Instant Messaging

IconsPage/PicIRC.png I use Jabber for all my instant messaging.



IconsPage/PicIRC.png I can also be reached via Direct Message on Twitter



IconsPage/PicIRC.png I am always connected to IRC. You will only find me connected to the Freenode servers. I use irssi as my IRC client and Bitlbee as my IM client bundled with screen. Please see this Irssi tutorial and this Bitlbee tutorial, if you're interested.

My nick is listed below, as well as the channels that I most frequent.

Nick: zelut
Channels: #ubuntu-us-ut, #utah, #ubuntu-us, #ubuntu-folding

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