About Me

My name is Christian Brauner and I am a member of the Ubuntu server team, employed by Canonical.

Contact Information


All my upstream contributions are always made as a member of the Ubuntu community with my email address. I've been an active speaker on a range of conferences representing not just the LXD and LXC projects but also Ubuntu in general.

Future Goals

I plan on improving the container and virtualization experience with LXD, LXC, and Ubuntu in general. This involves a bunch of upstream work that is needed. For the kernel I want to further namespace device handling and improve the experience for users. I plan on improving systemd-udevd to correctly handle devices in non-initial user namespaces. This is an important aspect for system container runtimes and a prerequisite for a clean experience for handing of devices to containers. Since Ubuntu aims to be the top operating system supporting containers this is something that Ubuntu will heavily benefit from.


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