Self portrait

Hello, my name is Christoph Haas. I was born in Hamburg/Germany and have been living there for the last 31 years. The spare time my wife and son leave me currently is used mainly for supporting free software of any kind. I'll spare you my life story of BBS systems, C64 and Amiga. Smile :) I have been using UNIX derivates since I started my univeristy career in 1992 and could gain quite a lot of system and network management knowledge. I'm currently working in the network security department of a large mail order company.

What I waste my time for

These are current projects I am working on:

  • Maintaining these Debian packages: cream, ethstatus, filepp, fyre and tail2syslog. Not all of them are already in the distribution.
  • IRC User support on #squid, #postfix and #debian-mentors on the Freenode network
  • Writing tutorials for my website The Postfix tutorials are quite famous.
  • Running the service that allows non-maintainers to upload Debian source packages to a repository using the common development tools.
  • Development of a network monitoring system based on the works of my diploma thesis (will perhaps be released beta in 2005)
  • User support for my mother-in-law who has recently switched to Debian. (Ubuntu installation for father-in-law will be his christmas present.) Wink ;)

  • Network management: DNS, Postfix, Squid, firewalling, debugging/sniffing, Apache
  • Programming: Mainly Perl although I know a little C. I'm currently learning Python.
  • Some other projects I probably forgot to mention.

Ubuntu projects/contributions

I have (inofficially) entered the Doc Team in November 2004 thanks to the invitation of SivanGreen. Some things I have been working on since:

  • An IRC real-time logger for the Ubuntu IRC channels (
  • A draft for the new-maintainers process regarding mentorship (presented at the NM BOF in Mataro)
  • A more recent MentoringDraft

  • Introduced the repository used by the Documentation Team for the new Ubuntu FAQ
  • The DocBook Wiki page (introduction on how to write DocBook documents and how to compile them into HTML)

  • The DocBookReference Wiki page (a miniature quick-reference to DocBook articles)

  • The SSHHowto Wiki page (public key authentication, security, tips & tricks)

  • The new FAQ in DocBook format (intended to be used through Yelp and as a XHTML version online)

  • The SubVersion Wiki page (quick notes about how to create a WebDAV repository and how to use it)

I'm attending the Conference between the 8. and 11.

High Availability


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